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    I've recently purchased this game after hearing about it from a friend and really enjoy it so far. I've taken some notes on a few things that stood out to me and would like to provide some feedback to help improve this wonderful game. I also really appreciate the quick update right after the game's release addressing the really short term to your long term goals. I know you're busy with more pressing issues, but I hope writing this will help down the road somewhere in the timeline.

    First, some relative information to provide context. I've played Advanced Wars and really enjoyed that game so I was quite thrilled at hearing about Wargroove. I tend to enjoy tactical games like those. Just to name a couple; XCOM and Into the Breach are some of my favorites. I ended up getting Wargroove on the Switch and I quite particularly enjoy the ability to play this game in a portable format. At the time of this post I've only played the campaign up to, and completing all optional quests along the way, High Vampire of the West.

    Now, I'll try my best to separate the different kinds of feedback and be as specific as possible to give something that can be usable to you. I'm no gaming QA expert, but I will try my best to convey what I mean and feel.

    • Invisible cursor movement
      • When? Right after you do any action there is some camera pause post action (like just after you finish a combat scene) where your cursor is not visible, but if you are holding down a direction during this camera pause it will move. Once the pause concludes the cursor magically appears around that area you were pressing. This is even more apparent during maps with fog of war (as the camera pause is longer due to the fog animations thus allowing for further cursor movement).
      • This isn't a huge issue, just something a bit jarring in my experience as moving something invisible (intentionally or unconsciously, as I tend to press down the direction I was intending to go after the pause) and once it pops up not where you expected it to be is jarring for me. This is more like a game flow experience topic rather than a bug.
      • What you can do? I suggest locking the cursor movement during this 'pause' would alleviate this issue.
    • Button activation on enemy turn
      • When trying to hold B to fast forward, sometimes not all the times as I enjoy seeing the combat occasionally, during the enemy turn if you press buttons at specific points you can pop open the codex on the enemy's 'cursor position' and the unit or landscape will pop up
      • It's the delay in the computer's actions that allow you, the player, to press this button it seems. Eliminate the delay somehow or prevent the player from pressing buttons on enemy AI turns, but allow holding B to fast forward and not allow activation of Codex for example.

    Groove Flow Issues
    - regarding existing things to help make the turns flow better
    • Greenfinger's Groove, Wild Growth
      • These plants that spawn, they can't do anything once in play, but they can choose to 'wait.'
      • The auto end turn decision should exclude your troops that can only do a single 'wait' action. Alternatively, this unit type should always exhaust at inception and at the start of every turn.
      • The issue is when trying to cycle through your units with L or R (on Switch) and it goes through these plants as well.
    • Barracks & Auto End of Turn
      • When below 100 gold, the auto end of turn should skip all barracks even if they haven't produced a unit because they wouldn't be able to take a legal action anyway at that point.
      • Also include other unit producing structures in this.

    Groove Flow Suggestions - new feature additions to improve the flow of Groove
    • Toggle all enemy ranges hotkey
      • Typically when deciding what to do I often have to highlight several enemy units to confirm their attack ranges and/or movement. I think your use of striped squares = movement, shaded striped squares = not-attackable, and empty squares = attack is quite bloody brilliant.
      • If we can toggle the display of multiple units and see them simultaneously that would help the flow of decision making.
      • Additionally, perhaps we can tinker with ways to convey 2 enemy overlap attacks or even 3 with different colors. You also have stripes in one direction and can add stripes in both directions creating an X. I leave the discretion of how to display this information up to you. Issue does involve how to display multiple enemy unit attack vs movement on overlapping squares for either or scenario.
      • Specific suggestion for Switch: currently our Y button does nothing, this would be an ideal hotkey for this toggle imo.

    Feedback RE: Dev Blog
    • Regarding earning 3 stars at lower difficulty settings.
      • In short, personally, I think this should not be possible. Some kind of measurement or achievement should be at a fixed bar at a pre-determined point.
      • Alternatively if you'd like the ability for all users to get 3 stars and then unlock all the star album content then I can see allowing lower difficulty a 3 star award a fair thing to do.
        • However, you should provide a way to discern someone else who had achieved 3 stars at the proper difficulty (like a platinum or rainbow star I suppose) so they can feel a sense of accomplishment even though the tangible reward built into the game is for any stars.
    • Overall, thanks for this kind of update so quick after the release. It's good to know what's going and what your plans are. I'm looking forward to your short term improvements as well as what you have in store for the long term.

    Thanks for reading!

    With love,
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      I agree with all of this

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