Some Tech Worthless?

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  1. Cloud1975

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    Maybe I'm Not seeing the Use here, but Both Energy Dash and Rocket jump seem Pretty useless, Energy dash moves around 3 blocks, and Is only MARGINALLY faster then your normal movement, While rocket jump is inferior to it's tier 1 equivelent, The Pulse jump, Due to the fact Rocket jump can't be used to break your fall... Am I missing something, or are these two tech's just worthless?
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  2. Captain Gray

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    Well... I personally have never used the Rocket Jump tech so I don't know what to tell you there....
    But the Energy Dash can be helpful for fleeing a group of enemies
    Yes I know rather underpowered......
    But still , early on in the game it's the only tech you can equip there so.... why not?
  3. darkmega

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    Ground dash is good for zipping in and zipping out for a quick melee. Air dash is even better for that and stops you from fall damage. Sprint is good for covering ground when exploring but not that kick ass for combat unless you go straight in forwards, since it can't be used backwards and also consumes energy but it makes you constant fast, although it seems to stop you double jumping if you're still in sprint mode when you jump....

    Normal pulse jump is stock standard double jump. Rocket jump is like a time delay old style jump in that you don't lose all your momentum when you use it and it can go in any direction, but unless you aim it right it can be finnicky to get into tight spots unless you're already close by, but it can be comboed with an air dash but since you usually use it on the way up you've got nothing to stop your fall. Triple jump, my choice, has three tiny jumps that add up to higher than the normal double jump and can be good for gradually bouncing your way across a gap with air dashes in between every two jumps or awkward jumps that require you to move in another direction to get around an overhang that having only a single jump or a rigid single directional boost wouldn't be that great for. Although I believe rocket jumping towards the ground doesn't accrue fall damage until the end of the boost allowing you to negate falls if you use it on the way down from somewhere.

    Morphball techs, I couldn't really tell you, but I use spikey ball cause it's good for sticking to walls and dodging set area bullet hell barrages from shockhopper boss and apex mission boss and for getting out of caves later on when you just want to dig mineshafts go down then go back up. Guessing boost ball just rolls around but hold F to go fast and roll far, and water ball being the same but for getting across bodies of water quicker so self explanatory...

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