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Bug/Issue Some things I noted

Discussion in 'Support' started by Crazy_Leen, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Crazy_Leen

    Crazy_Leen Phantasmal Quasar

    First of: jesus I love this game! I grew up with Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley just gives me a nostalgia trip while adding new things. I'm happy all the waiting was worth it <3

    I really have no idea where to post this :'D I wanna help spot some things here and there but can't find a place where it specificly asks for feedback :'D
    If I'm wrong here let me know <w<""

    But there are some thigns I noticed while playing I though I should adress. I'll put spoilers where I think it could be spoilery so I don't... well spoil it for anyone xD So here we go.


    The fog in the spa is bugging out. I don't know if it also happens when you play a female, but playing a male, coming from the male changingroom side and walking to the left you can see the fog doesn't line up properly. I don't know how it is coded but it eitehr is not alining witht he screen or doesn't move with the player, or wahtever...but it certainly avoids part of the left side. <w<

    The screen for opening geodes is bugging out as of late. I think it came with the latest update. It's placed too far down s you can see.

    Some autotiles, don't line up corectly on the inner corners. You can see in the picture what I mean.
    I don't know if there are more tiles like that, but those are the ones I can currently make and that have that issue.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Since I already moved on from that level, I can't show a picture, but on the level of the miens where you get the Crystal Dagger ( I think at elast it was a dagger... crystal something at least), I was able to get multiple daggers, as the treasure chest didn't disappear with a second click. Instead it opened up again and gave me even more daggers.

    I don't know if it's intended or not... but cutting a tree ont he very edge of your farm and having it fall onto the side that leads to the edge, will make the logs inaccessible unless you have a magnet ring. THough even with that you can't retrieve all of them.


    I don't know if it can happen on other days, but it happened on the holiday where you can go icefishing, competing with other villagers. I think it's called Ice Day? When I walked down from my ranch towards the field, I saw a rabbit running towards the side, next to Leah's house. Instead of disappearing in thebush there, it jsut ran right over the house and everything else, vanishing on the edge of the map. Unless it's a flying rabbit, I think that's a bug 8D

    I sadly didn't think of making a screenshot of it when it happened, but on occasion the little birds that sit around and fly away when you are getting too close, are being placed above treetops instead of appearing behind them.

    Also not sure if intentional or not but it's also nothing major at all. When you are removing something close to water (cutting trees/branches, smashing rocks, removing something from the ground etc), it will make the water splasha nd look as if something's been thrown in,e ven though the item didn't fall into it but was put into the inventory like it should. Just wanted to mention it.

    Also nothing major, but when you donate something to the museum and have given it enough to gain a reward, changign the places of whatever you already donated will make the "Reward" text above it appear the whole time you place something somewhere.

    That's all I had noticed so far. As said, I hope this is the right section for something like that :'D

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