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  1. RagnaThe

    RagnaThe Void-Bound Voyager

    I was thinking, "why isn't my spouse with me after I got sent to the clinic from being knocked out?" and I think they should be there with concerned dialog, offering to walk you home too, to add to that, a boyfriend or girlfriend should have concerned dialog next time you talk but not visit because there might be multiple. I also thought "how can someone steal my money if I pass out infront of one of my friends or on the farm where my spouse lives too?" so there should be no penalty if something like that happens. I also think children should grown up a bit more and get the forest spirits ai for harvesting crops. I have so many more ideas but these are the most refined ones and I don't want to make this too long.
    • Fineya

      Fineya Space Hobo

      Yes, I was a bit disappointed here. I know, I refer too much on the HM-Games but well... I liked it there very much.
      If the spouse found out the player waas pregnant it was always funny. Some would be knocked out, some where speechless and so on...
      If the player found out the wife was pregnant there where concerned wifes and happy wifes.
      And there was a "birth-scene" too. You didnĀ“t see andything but the dialog, but I liked it.

      (Sorry for my bad english)
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