Something I Found Out While Decorating My Shed

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    To help people with their sheds! There are 15 things (some I already knew before the sheds came out) and now to get to the point...

    1. You can place things on tables/end tables if you did not already know.
    (eg. A parsnip on your table)
    (furniture can be turned too - click while holding your furniture or press x while holding it)

    2. You can use craftable tiles/paths in your shed
    eg. weathered floor as seen in
    eg. crystal floor as seen in
    eg. gravel floor as seen in

    3. You can even plant grass starters in your shed (they will look like spring grass)
    NOTE: The grass will not "grow" in the shed. How many and where you planted your grass starters will not change.

    4. You CAN'T display/place your weapons, boots, hats or rings on tables.
    (The list may include other things that I haven't tried yet)

    5. It's like impossible to place NON-FURNITURE catalogue items on a table with a rug or mat underneath.
    (a endless cycle of trying to put the object on the table only to pick up the rug/mat underneath and trying to put things back to normal to retry again... and bam! repeat)

    6. You can place most craftable items into your shed.
    (Even your fences and gates)

    7. At night ( around 6pm in game) when you exit your shed and re-enter it, it "turns off the light inside"/ becomes dark if you don't have a light source
    ( eg. This shed and the night version
    (You can tell by your windows in the shed becoming dark, that means if you re-enter the shed it will be dark too)

    8. You can place scarecrows inside your shed

    9. You CAN'T grow crops inside your shed

    10. You can display your plantable seed packs that you buy from Pierre on tables

    11. Light sources (that are not already on 24/7) will turn on at night in your sheds.
    (so don't think it's not working or etc... just some only turns on at night. Eg. the modern lamp)

    12. You can put furniture on each other (max of 2 stacked height).
    (eg. putting a chair on your table)
    (eg. 1 end table on another 1 as seen in the top right corner in

    13. SOME end tables when stacked on another furniture... the top end tables drawers will disappear
    (eg. End tables that were NOT placed on another one and with drawers still there
    vs End tables that were placed on another one and their drawers are GONE

    14. Anything from the craftables or your furniture catalogue can be placed directly on the floor but anything else (eg. crops, foragable things, artifacts, minerals, cooking dishes and etc) needs to be placed on a table.

    15. Grass Starters cannot be placed directly on craftable floors/tiles (just like how it's not possible to do this outside your shed)

    Feel free to ask me any questions about this topic and I'll try my best to answer them.

    My other shed designs:
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