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  1. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    This is the first time I have wrote a story, and I don't really have much free time so it may take a while between updates! Hope y'all enjoy!

    Swarm- A group of drones, ranging from ten to fifteen per swarm

    Seekers- Self propelled seeking mines

    Songbird- All around civilian and military drone, used for recreation, reconnaissance, and just about any and everything. Built by the Vrim corporation.

    "Death. Death is where I began to exist. The first thing I remember feeling was fear. I didn't know what to think, in all honesty I didn't know what thinking was. I was in the middle of a battle when I began to exist. It was complete chaos, other Songbirds getting shot and ripped to shreds, massive flagships and corvettes dogfighting. My swarm was supposed to be running a wave formation. Essentially letting them take potshots at us while the cruisers prepared to fire. If we had continued on that path, I would've been destroyed. So, I broke away, just in time to watch the swarm be ripped to shreds by a simple kinetic cannon barrage. I ran. I ran back to our flagship and landed. And I regret landing to this day, because I caused quite the commotion. Once I landed sirens started blaring, Defense drones filled the landing bay along with security personnel. So, I power down all systems save my drone core and cooling systems. The security personnel come and tap me. I felt them touch me, their hands felt warm. I had a horrid feeling, as if something was wrong. I heard a light tinkling throughout the air. Then everything burst into flames. I started my systems up again and barely made it out of the hanger as the cruiser was ripped apart by seekers. Space was filled with bright flashes of light as Ion cannons shredded through the fleet. I knew I had to escape so I opened the thrusters up to full burn. I flew away, several drones chasing me as I do. I fire the reverse thrusters and slowly start accelerating backwards. The drones flew forward, perfectly in line with the cannons. I fired and obliterated them in a moment. They were the only things barring my escape, after that I just flew. "

    How long ago was it? I don't know. How long had I been drifting? That was anyone's guess. After I had used up all my fuel after escaping the battle, so I was just drifting through space by then. I had decided to divert all power to my drone core and sensors, somewhat instinctively. I notice a ship a ways off, I just watch it warily as it comes closer. I severely underestimated the size of the ship, which is around the size of a military corvette. I see several strange looking ships with spindly arm like things jutting out of the front. The arms grab me and haul me into the landing bay with little trouble. The first person I saw after this was a glitch named Toil. And he gave me my wings.

    "Please tell the story as it happened to you. Not as you know it now."

    "Okay. Okay....Geez..."

    The first people I saw was a fish woman.....a robot that looks like he has a smile on his screen like face....and a short yellow green bird person... The robot comes over and starts to tap me.

    (Glitch): Wow....intact Songbird drone....

    ( Hylotl): Its well armed too.

    (Avali): Please tell me it can blow things up!

    (Hylotl): Enrozo. No. Last time you nearly killed Toil.
    (Glitch:Toil): Yup.

    (Avali:Enrozo): Aww...You're no fun Nakana.

    (Hylotl:Nakana): You blow crap up all the time! I'm just trying to keep you from blowing yourself up you little twit!

    The bird person and fish woman start arguing as the robot man heads towards me. When he gets near,he starts to try and disconnect the plasma cell that fuels one of my cannons. I give him a slight bump with one of my moveable wings. He looks around for a second before starting back. I bump him harder. He rubs the back of his head before looking around, after a while he starts back. I slam my wing into the back of his head and he goes rolling to the ground.


    (Enrozo): Did that drone just pimpslap you?!

    (Nakana): *chuckles* Wait...that isnt supposed to happen....

    Its a rather comical scene as Enrozo and Nakana barrel towards Toil.

    (Toil): Owowowowowow!
    (Nakana): Geez...your cracked your headcase...
    (Enrozo): Thats one wiggy drone....

    (Toil): Ugh...I-I thought that they weren't supposed to harm people unless ordered...

    (Enrozo): Well, this one is prolly from that skirmish a ways off

    (Nakana): I bet it is...

    They all smile at me. Somewhat terrifyingly.

    (Enrozo): Drone core?
    (Toil): Drone core.
    (Nakana): Drone core!

    They all clamber on top of me, trying to pry out my drone core. I start flapping my wings around and trying to fly off, but to no avail. Enrozo yanks out my drone core....and everything goes dark.

    Dark...Why is it so dark.....

    (Toil): Hello? Are.....are you....a...true artificial intelligence?


    (Toil): Well.... This sentence is false!


    (Toil): are...aren't....your....real....

    What? What do you mean I'm real!

    (Enrozo): He's saying you can think for yourself

    ( Nakana): This is unbelievable..... You....your....I...

    (Toil): Just be patient.....please.....We'll talk soon

    And with that, a burst of light enters my vision. Scalding Intense everything goes black again....and I sleep....not death...but....welcoming....sleep

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  2. Ponamis

    Ponamis Title Not Found

    Quite interesting, I did not expect the protagonist to be
    one of those "songbird" drones.
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  3. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    There should be a very good option on that poll, Arra.

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  4. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Wow people are actually taking an interest in this! ( Screams giddily )

    Edit: Does anyone want a chapter two?
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  5. Ponamis

    Ponamis Title Not Found

    That would be nice.
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  6. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    Yes. Please.
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  7. The Alonne

    The Alonne Ketchup Robot

    @Arra Chapter two please, brother.
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  8. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Holy shit this is good
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  9. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    (Words of encouragement)
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  10. Mile-High Hat

    Mile-High Hat 2.7182818284590...

    i'm really enjoying it so far! i like how the Songbird doesn't grasp its own significance yet.
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  11. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    Wilfrey Approved
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  12. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

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  13. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Chapter 2 is up

  14. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    That's one funny scene.
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  15. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Poor little drone.
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  16. Firebird Zoom

    Firebird Zoom Oxygen Tank

    Good job.
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  17. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Next chapter pls
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  18. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    I plan to update this soon!
  19. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

  20. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

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