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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SophieKitty, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. SophieKitty

    SophieKitty Void-Bound Voyager

    So i made a new mod, i been working on very random things for quite a while, just today decided to upload it
    (so far only available on steam)

    what it adds you ask?

    So far it adds:
    more than "30 weapons" (includes shields)
    about "15 helmets", "2 armors" (which i really tried my best with, but im not good with those)
    "New UI" to be a bit more Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy like
    It adds quite a few "new variations of" random-generated "Monsters", a few new variations of non-random-generated monsters too
    Things are craftable at my own "Craftingtable"

    ohh and, one thing i did (which some people may not like im sure)
    "EVERY Weapon" I added, is "LV1", but they are "upgradable"
    Oh and, the "Monsters" (including npcs) now "drop Ancient Essence"

    It may be quite a bit of farming, which is why i may have to set up different amount of drop for the higher levels, but if people actually like farming for that long till they get the next tier, then I guess I wont change it ;)

    It is compatible with "Frackin Universe", or... its probably "required" because it uses the "Katana" weapontype from FU for 3 of the weapons

    Its probably compatible with everything else since i use my own shortcut in front of every item name
    since UI related things may use the same files, those may be not working together

    Recommended to use with the RPG Growth mod to increase the fun (fits together really well)

    So yea, things may be based a lot on other games, including Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter and Maplestory and Many More. :)


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