Space Pirates

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  1. Snowy_Night

    Snowy_Night Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    They would be a form of bandits with slightly boat looking spaceships and would act and talk like pirates. I thought they would be kind of like the first like space bandits you come across as they would really just be kind of people who love pirates and not actually very good at their job, all their eye patches, hooks and wooden legs being done by themselves be accident due to how bad they would be.
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  2. blejd

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    There was alot of ideas about invaders or something like that, i don't know if there will be "space combat" but if, there could be spacer pirates which aciually could attack our spacebase or something like that, space combat ftw!
  3. uigfnbxs

    uigfnbxs Big Damn Hero

    Yeah thinking that this game is in space, space pirates are a huge possibility, I don't know if they will have wooden legs, how about iron ones :D
  4. Snowy_Night

    Snowy_Night Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    how about imitation wood made of iron xD
  5. Monkolian_of_Grophus

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    Space pirates, huh?
    Hmmm... The whole Peg Leg deal seems a bit outdated, although artificial limbs would still fit in quite well.
    How about Automail-esc gear, and Sci-Fi implants like Arm Cannons?
    No offense, but legit peg legs just seems a bit too stereotypical...
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