Space Voidlings/Space Ghost/Spacelings

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Which would you prefer to have?

  1. Space Voidlings

  2. Space Ghost

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  3. Spacelings

  1. Nathan

    Nathan Big Damn Hero

    Well I posted a suggestion earlier about having Asteroids and Space Hulks:

    Well I was thinking, maybe on the Asteroids, they could have Space Ghost, or creatures that act like Space Ghost; they mess with you until you get close enough to their positions, then they reveal themselves, and act hostile towards you, i.e. attacks you.

    While on the Space Hulk, you could have a variation of both Space Ghost and Space Voidlings, the ghost creatures act like the former crew of the ship/station, the mimic the actions until you follow them and get close enough, and then they reveal themselves to be what they truly are. With the Space Voidlings, they are creatures of the beyond, they were created or live within "The Void"...sort of like when an abandon ship or station gets sucked through a black-hole or a worm-hole and then return different...The voidlings are creatures that vary in size, from "the crawlers" to "the stalkers" to "the queen"...obviously these are just made up names for creatures that could possibly exist...

    Lastly the Spacelings are former humans, who have been in space for too long or has gone through a black-hole or wormhole or even "The Void", and then now is more monster then human, they could be humanoid, walk on two legs, but have voidling infection on them...if you have watched Event Horizon, similar to that but instead of ...they could use the weapons we use or special ones that they created, blades, games, drills, etc etc.

    Well that's my idea, any feedback, criticisms, or extra ideas feel free to comment.

    Thanks for reading, ENJOY!
  2. Drithyl

    Drithyl Phantasmal Quasar

    Sounds consistent and interesting to explore, especially those Space Ghosts. I approve.
  3. Nathan

    Nathan Big Damn Hero

    Thanks for that mate appreciate it :D And yes the Ghost would be awesome!

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