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RELEASED Spawnable Item Pack - Spawn all items for free! v1.3.2.4

Spawnable Item Pack allows you to spawn thousands of items for free.

  1. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff


    SXOCKER Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I need help , i have this mods ,Can you tell me which one is causing conflict please? already remove stardustlib and starduslibPost to use it with Quickminibar and vice versa
  3. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    I can't tell just like that. Please describe what issue you're experiencing and share the log file after opening the Spawnable Item Pack.

    SXOCKER Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I use the starbound 1.4.0 but the mod donĀ“t load

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  5. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    Manipulated UI is extremely old. No wonder. Uninstall that mod.

    SXOCKER Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Finally!! I work, thousand thanks Errors4l

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  7. peng5629

    peng5629 Big Damn Hero

    Hi, is the current version working for this version of Starbound? I put the pak file in my mods folder, although I can't find the interface button nor the item spawner menu. Any help is appreciated
  8. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

  9. smb64

    smb64 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    is there a way to have the Spawnable Item Fetcher make a patch from mods installed through the Steam Workshop?
  10. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    Yeah but you'll have to unpack them first. Various patches already exist on the workshop if you search for them. steam mods are downloaded to Steam/steamapps/workshop/211820/MOD where MOD is the number found in the URL of the workshop mod.

    Note that the patch will only work when used through the workshop, since the target mod is also on the workshop.

    If you need any help feel free to let me know what part you're struggling with.
  11. Chrysal

    Chrysal Void-Bound Voyager

    I am not allowed to do anything with SpawnableItemPack.pak, even though I am the admin on my personal computer.
  12. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    You just place it in your Starbound mods folder. No need to try to open it or anything.
  13. Chrysal

    Chrysal Void-Bound Voyager

    I cannot do ANYTHING with it, meaning that I can not move it, I can not remove it, I can not even change ownership of the files through the command module for the computer. It became like this after I placed it in the mods folder.
  14. Isapingas

    Isapingas Space Hobo

    Installed this mod for the first time with its respective patches, but Spawnable Item Pack isn't showing up at the Quickbar, could you please take a look at the attached log file and help me out?

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  15. ElementalCyclone

    ElementalCyclone Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm also facing the same problem. Clean install the game, no problem, then added StardustLib + SIP. While the Quickbar is shown, even with the '/admin' command the SIP won't shown on the menu. I also included the Log and i'm on Windows 10 if that helps.
    I don't know how if this has any effect, but my installation is not STEAM based.

    the problem might be logged by this line
    And there is no any other error nor warn message related to asset or mod before and after that message is shown in the log

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  16. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    [Error] Could not apply patch from file /quickbar/icons.json.patch in source: ..\mods\733665104.pak.  Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) No such key 'items' in pathApply("/items/silverfeelin:spawnableItemPack")
    Seems like you have an outdated version of the Quickbar (or StardustLib). Could you try updating whichever of the two you have? Resubscribing usually does that.
  17. marcos77

    marcos77 Orbital Explorer

    for some reason the mod crash my game when i try to use it
  18. Or3eNiY

    Or3eNiY Big Damn Hero

    Will there be, like, other global mods support like Frackin' Universe? I'm not talking about just doing support thing, maybe addons for this one? Like with Thaumcraft and JEI = Thaumcraft have JEI addon. Yes, I am talking about Minecraft..
  19. Ahat

    Ahat Aquatic Astronaut

    the interface of this mod is not shown in my game, but I have them installed, I installed both Stardust and Quickbar Mini, but no result

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  20. CeriseAlucia

    CeriseAlucia Big Damn Hero

    so where's the actual add-on's for this mod? i can't find them

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