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Discussion in 'Other' started by alkanis, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. alkanis

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    hi everyone this is my first post, before starts my idea i have to say my english isnt the best lenguage i can write, because my mother lenguage is spanish, so i have to apologize my self if something i writed isnt

    This start play this game a few months ago, and let me tell its a wonderfull game, i love it all of this game. I saw the diferents races you can chose and the racial armors and how they look.-

    i am a old player on games of blizzard, like WoW, and i have a idea about this last game, and its the special traits on the races.-

    here i see the differents races, and they have everything to make traits.

    for example

    hyloti- can breath underwater without need EPP Backpack but are more weak to some status for counter part
    novakid- can jump 50% height - but moves more slowly on water
    Apex- can run more faster on ground - but moves more slowly on water
    avian- can fly for a few sec, (this doenst affect gravity)- moves more slowly on water or ground
    Glitch- can stay more time without food - have more energy - are more weak on water
    human- are fully default.

    Tell me if you like the idea, and i make more complete post about this with more especefic ideas

    thanks all for reading
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  2. Ainzoal

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    This topic has already been exhausted. Devs said they don't want to do this sort of thing
  3. alkanis

    alkanis Intergalactic Tourist

    i read a lot of post and i didnt find anything like this before. Can you link another thread with the same idea?, i want to read the thread, thank you
  4. PseudoGold

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    There's no base game implementation of this feature. However, there is the Frackin Races mod which does exactly this.
  5. alkanis

    alkanis Intergalactic Tourist

    I understand, but i dont understand the reason of choses diferents races, if all have the same gameplay, the only change of this is the appareance of the characters and the clothes. So if the character have more personalized traits, like the description of the homepage "https://playstarbound.com/starbound-races/" i think have more sense
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  6. Sock_Bunny

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    "human- are fully default."
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  7. Dante98dzc

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    What? ...Why?.. the idea of have different races to choose does not make sense when all of that races are exactly the same thing.

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