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Species and Planet mod ideas

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by theflamingchuthulu, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. theflamingchuthulu

    theflamingchuthulu Big Damn Hero

    Okay, I know you want read or post ideas of race mods, I would like to lay some rules here: First, Nobody can use an idea without permission of the person or people who made it. Second, Any ideas that are shared or expanded upon in relevant way, are to give credit to the person or people who expanded upon it. Third, of course you can't copy other's work!

    An idea of mine is a race where the females are a different species than the males; the males would be called the Zekk, and have a steampunk/civil war type culture, and repopulate by cloning. And the Zora (female) would have a Greek huntress culture, and use powerful magic.

    Another idea is an origami race called the Origami, who were created by the Hylotl before the Floran hordes and were left behind when they started living underwater.

    Lenaran (I am working on lore) a manta/sting-ray species who have a old sea-diver styled culture.

    the next is the Clunkers, (working on their stuff!)

    the next is the Digit, a trans-human race born from digital code spliced into human DNA, and cables into their brains for direct brain/computer connection. They escaped their Matrix-style imprisonment and became rogue beat cops (they had a culture that was all cops'n robbers when they lived in the simulation)

    Kranlix who are a scorpion/bat type species that live the lives of post-apocalyptic salvagers.

    Eosapiens based off of the movie "Water world" they look like humans, but have webbed fingers and toes and gills so they can live in the sea.
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  2. Obsssidemon

    Obsssidemon Space Hobo

    Zekk isss a nice idea. Floran likess.
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