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    I really don't have a proper title for this suggestion. As you read this, you'll probably think to yourself, "Oh, I saw something similar to this somewhere else in the 100+ pages of the Suggestions forum." If you have, I'm sorry for a repeat because honestly after getting to page 50 to see if anyone had a similar idea, I just gave up and decided to write it up anyway. Once again, I'm sorry.

    With that out of the way, I present to you my ideas for Starbound. I call it "Species Overhaul". Not very creative, I know.
    But hear me out.

    There are tons of players who wish for more immersive mobs in SB. We want mobs to do more than their default "charge" move. We want reasoning for mobs to attack or run away. We want the biomes that those mobs exist in to fit the mob's physical characteristics and behavior (or vice versa).

    But what are our reasons for hunting them?

    Because they attack us? Yeah. For food? More or less, depending on if there's a hunger mod or Chucklefish brings back a proper hunger mechanic (forgive me if they have by the time you read this).

    In my idea, I want to go beyond that. I want to be able to hunt mobs for materials that their body's might naturally create. For example, we need core fragments in the beginning to repair our ships. So we go and mine then from the deepest biome of the planet. But what if, instead, there were a mob instead that drank lava and crapped core fragments. You could capture that little (or big) guy and farm his poop.

    Another example. If there was a mob with skin that hardened when it took poison damage to keep it from taking further external damage while it recuperated from the poison, you'd want that skin to craft it into an armor that would do the exact same thing! Of course the drop would be uncommon or rare, but it would give you a goal.

    Those are two ideas. I could think of many more. But moving on...

    How about a mechanic that would allow you to introduce a species from one planet to another. And depending on the voracity and ferociousness or the calmness and timidity of a creature, it would affect the environment. You could see a boost to the population of the creature as it finds new feeding grounds. Or you could witness the creation of new elements and materials from the interaction of the creature with the world.

    There could also be missions that require you to help a species to repopulate their home world or to exterminate a particularly devious and dangerous creature, possibly to help an Apex corporation further their plans to experiment on the planet or something.

    Well, that's the end of my thoughts for this post. I have a lot more ideas for this but it would make an already too long post go on and on. Take care guys.

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