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  1. cederjack

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    there would be 4 kinds of spiders​
    1. poison spiders​
    they rely on the poison to parailize or slowly kill its victem​
    medium hp​
    low base damage​
    poison damage over time​
    bright colors indicating poison​
    walks as fast as normal player​
    tameable but hard​
    2. trap spider​
    they rely on web or a suprize attack to kill its pray​
    slow moving but quick sprints of speed​
    makes its hom in ether A. a hole B. in a web​
    medium hp​
    medium base damage​
    camo colors to blend in​

    3. light spider​
    low hp​
    low attack​
    jumps high​
    2x quicker then player​
    4. heavy spider​
    high hp​
    slow speed​
    high attack​
    cannot jump​
    tameable but hard​

    how to tame
    acquire 1 egg
    successfully hatch
    train baby spider not to bite or kill you
    wait 5 days
    boom! big spider pet
    possibly ride?:idea:;)
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    The pictures could really be put into spoiler tags, otherwise its not too bad.

    Like so:
    [SPOI . LER="test"]asd[/SPOILER]
    just remove the dot and spaces in the tag.

    EDIT: Oh, and I don't see why they already wouldn't have added them to the game.
  3. Stargazer

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    I'm hoping to see some more original mobs such as poptops. And taming will be through lowering the mob's health and using a "special item" *cough* pokeball *cough* to tame it.
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  4. cederjack

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    1st of all: dont know how to make spoiler tags
    2nd of all: dont understand you edit:wut:

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