Boss [Spoilers] Add delay to Inactive Robot startup

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by some-user, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. some-user

    some-user Space Hobo

    When I saw how much work the Inactive Robot was to put together, I figured that it was going to be the Sector-ending boss.

    When I decided to activate the Robot without the best possible armor, I *knew* that I was doing a stupid thing.

    When the Robot spin-shredded me to death with its claws 10ms after its activation, I was unpleasantly surprised. Could a 500 or 1000ms delay be added to the Robot's transition from Inactive Mode to Face-Shredding-Mayhem Mode?

    (As an aside, I do like how you guys require me to have the Robot out in the open and totally not-boxed-in before I can start it up.)
  2. No_Man

    No_Man Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm afraid I find the robot boss to be rather silly in an circuitous sort of way. You must gather all these materials to build each part. Then you need to assemble it. And once you turn it on what happens? It tries to kill you. When you kill it back you get an item, this is the par that gets me. I built a giant killer robot to get a part of a giant killer robot? Why didn't I just build the part?

    Also a small time delay, like a start-up sequence or some thing, would be nice before the choppy bit starts. Maybe a sort of warning to, green eyes turn red or something. I just spent all this time building myself a cool robot, how was I supposed to know it was unhappy with its employer?

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