Modding Help Spring Year 3, Pam's (upgraded) house is glitched half trailer half house, and Dusty's house is gone

Discussion in 'Mods' started by blessicalynn, Feb 5, 2020.

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    So I woke up on Spring Year 3, got my appraisal from Grandpa, and then boom, missing the town. It's only Pams community upgraded house, which is showing the outlines of the house and some wood, and half the trailer, and then either nothing of dusty's house of black patches depending on opening the game. I tried to pull some recolors but those only made it worse, erasing Pam's area completely and even removing the movie theater? I have updated everything that is updatable, and removed anything that I suspected to be causing this glitch. No good so far. I pursued my smapi log to the best of my ability but haven't found anything that could be causing this. Has anyone encountered similar problems and how did they go about fixing it?
    • Melindee

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      There appear to be an issue with StardustCore. Apparently it's missing the Fonts folder SMAPI is trying to find. This is the suggestion from one of the posts:

      If you didn't already have the previous version or you deleted it before updating to the new version, you will need to either wait for the author to get it fixed or maybe download the previous version first to generate that folder, and then update to the new version without deleting the old file first. Then just go in and rename the content folder to say ModAssets instead.

      You are apparently missing a save game file. Make sure you have all your saves in the proper folder so SMAPI can detect it.

      You have more than one mod trying to edit the hospital. Find the troublesome mod and delete it.

      Make sure all of the mods are MacOS-compatible. Not all of them are.

      Once you've done all of this, reload the game. Make a new log if problems persist.

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