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Discussion in 'Mods' started by dennoucoil, Jan 10, 2020.

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    So, i was bored and 3d modelling newbie and thought making Stardew art in 3d with pre rendered shots except characters with my style for practice. But if i understood right, i need to change the hardcoded texture sizes with SMAPI.

    So, here my question. Any information, documentation etc exactly for this so i can know what i need to change?

    If i can't make the stardew valley, i will try streets of rogue.

    My style i mentioned:
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      What is it that you're wanting to change, specifically? Portraits/sprites? There are mods that can help you load higher resolution images in place of the sizes normally expected, but they don't handle the tilesheets for maps. The rest should be doable, though, and I gave some information on how to use them in this post. Are you familiar with C#/programming in general, if you needed more than current frameworks provide?

      (Mods mentioned are ScaleUp for Content Patcher, and Portraiture)
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        I just want to the the environment(like town, mines etc) and buildings and scaleup doesn't work for map tiles. So, if i can find how to do those, i can do the rest with scale up.

        And i know hdsprites did this, but i think it wasn't open source or i am blind... Wait was it open source. I should check it again.

        Edit: It is open source but not updated anymore. Let's hope the way he does things still works.
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