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RELEASED SRG Monsters Overhaul 0.1

No damage on contact, plus other things...

  1. Sergiroth

    Sergiroth Void-Bound Voyager

    Sergiroth submitted a new mod:

    SRG Monster Overhaul - No damage on contact, plus other things...

    Read more about this mod...
  2. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I'll definitely have to take a look at this later. Sounds like something I'd want for sure.

    I "might" be able to figure out your patching, but it may also be one of the special file situations where the devs don't allow patches on them... I don't understand the reason for this either. Occasionally I've been forced to replace files too but definitely don't prefer it.

    There is an outdated mod "enemies aren't stupid" you might reference and maybe incorporate(after fixing). I've been thinking about looking at that myself. It went dead I think on the last major update, and the author doesn't have time to mess with it anymore.

    One other thing, you might consider a version that sort of maintains touch damage... Yet while downgrading it. Do almost no touch damage, mostly knock-back maybe stun, and a touch damage cooldown timer to negate touch spamming. Thus the main attacks are the real threat plus the touch damage to prevent running through enemies like they aren't there. I'm capable of adding that last part for my own personal usage, but I bet more than just I would want this. I was kinda hoping that's what Chucklefish had in mind when it came back in the first place.

    Edit: if by chance you wanted to do any of that, but wanted help with it, let me know. For example the cool down timer probably involves minor hooking of the player scripts.

    And that's even assuming you where interested. It's your mod after all.
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  3. Sergiroth

    Sergiroth Void-Bound Voyager

    Ye. I'd rather have my mod be as compatible as possible. I've made multiple attempts to patch the monsters, and in fact, I think I forgot one of my many attempts in the .pak file (and I think it's the one that doesn't work at all by the way). Even when I managed to patch an attack on a creature, it still failed to hit me.

    Heh. I was considering the idea of making a couple of different versions for this mod. Not sure about one that adds touch damage back though.
    My main ideas were to give the player the ability to dodge attacks in tight spaces, especially the ones that have noticeable telegraphing, and preventing random damage from enemies when driving, while ALSO making sure that the game doesn't become too easy because of it.
  4. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    That's a good point about telegraphed attacks. I could see at the very least not having touch damage during such attack windups. But making that happen might be more complex. I'd have to look at how all this works to be sure.
  5. Senpai Deviljo

    Senpai Deviljo Cosmic Narwhal

    I hope this one don't crash certain parts like from the old mod "enemies aren't stupid". So i'll leave this one out for now. Until i can get confirm that it won't crash certain parts.

    Edit: Sorry to be more specific on what part.
    1. The dungeons since certain dungeons have set scripts. (EAS had bugged out the second dungeons the floran tournament)
    2. certain locations on planets (idk if this was when EAS and FU was incompatible or what"
  6. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    The problem with EAS is that it is outdated. The mod author doesn't have time to mess with it anymore, which is certainly a shame.
  7. Senpai Deviljo

    Senpai Deviljo Cosmic Narwhal

    Thats good to know. would their be some consequence after i downloading and decide to uninstall it? since FU says it you uninstall that you technically have to uninstall the whole game. Because atm i don't feel like deleting everything that i work so much on this game. Just a shame that i only did in single player so my works will never be shown to people. Since i can't portfoward and then i would have to make a whole list/pak on the mods i have in it.
  8. rylasasin

    rylasasin Cosmic Narwhal

    Speaking of outdated, this mod needs updating for 1.3.

    Current problem: CTD on load.
    [09:08:01.319] [Info] Root: Preparing Root...
    [09:08:01.322] [Info] Root: Done preparing Root.
    [09:08:01.322] [Info] Client Version 1.3.0 RC5 (windows x86_64) Source ID: a2c43a518940a1c06d7a6b19d84e80ad537202d0 Protocol: 740
    [09:08:01.322] [Info] Root: Scanning for asset sources in directory '..\assets\'
    [09:08:01.744] [Info] Root: Scanning for asset sources in directory '..\mods\'
    [09:08:01.744] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'Avali-triage.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.744] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'FrackinUniverse_Unstable-master.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.744] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'Gyrusens+.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'Skath.rar', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'Starbound-ManipulatedUI-master.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'The Pony Modpack V2.3 WIP PR19.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'Wardrobev1.2.2.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'backup.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.745] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'mods_go_here', skipping
    [09:08:01.746] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'xbawks-381.zip', skipping
    [09:08:01.746] [Info] Root: Detected asset source named 'base' at '..\assets\packed.pak'
    [09:08:01.746] [Info] Root: Detected asset source named 'SRG Monster Overhaul' at '..\mods\SRG_Monster_Overhaul.pak'
    [09:08:01.746] [Info] Root: Detected unnamed asset source at '..\assets\unpacked'
    [09:08:01.746] [Info] Root: Detected unnamed asset source at '..\assets\user'
    [09:08:01.746] [Info] Loading assets from: '..\assets\packed.pak'
    [09:08:02.304] [Info] Loading assets from: '..\mods\SRG_Monster_Overhaul.pak'
    [09:08:02.306] [Info] Loading assets from: '..\assets\unpacked'
    [09:08:02.307] [Info] Loading assets from: '..\assets\user'
    [09:08:02.950] [Info] Assets digest is 48b951a352002077b58233c1b2997f6c969c869a44ffac142c8594e7aee680b2
    [09:08:02.950] [Info] Root: Loaded Assets in 1.62836 seconds
    [09:08:02.954] [Info] Application: Initializing SDL Video
    [09:08:02.975] [Info] Application: Initializing SDL Joystick
    [09:08:03.117] [Info] Application: Initializing SDL Sound
    [09:08:03.255] [Info] Initialized Steam services
    [09:08:03.258] [Info] Application: Creating SDL Window
    [09:08:03.551] [Info] Application: Enabling VSync with late swap tearing
    [09:08:03.598] [Info] Application: Opened default audio device with 44.1khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    [09:08:03.607] [Info] OpenGL version: '4.5.0 NVIDIA 376.19' vendor: 'NVIDIA Corporation' renderer: 'GeForce GTX 780/PCIe/SSE2' shader: '4.50 NVIDIA'
    [09:08:03.629] [Info] Application: initialization...
    [09:08:03.630] [Info] Root: Loaded Configuration in 0.000929146 seconds
    [09:08:03.635] [Info] Application: renderer initialization...
    [09:08:03.636] [Info] detected supported OpenGL texture size 16384, using atlasNumCells 128
    [09:08:03.636] [Info] detected supported OpenGL texture size 16384, using atlasNumCells 64
    [09:08:03.637] [Info] Root: Loaded ImageMetadataDatabase in 1.41746e-06 seconds
    [09:08:03.654] [Info] Application: main update loop...
    [09:08:03.656] [Info] No subscribed user generated content
    [09:08:03.720] [Info] Root: Loaded NameGenerator in 0.0537868 seconds
    [09:08:03.885] [Info] Root: Loaded PlantDatabase in 0.165126 seconds
    [09:08:04.069] [Info] Root: Loaded ObjectDatabase in 0.39282 seconds
    [09:08:04.307] [Info] Root: Loaded MonsterDatabase in 0.238512 seconds
    [09:08:04.352] [Info] Root: Loaded NpcDatabase in 0.0441268 seconds
    [09:08:04.353] [Info] Root: Loaded StagehandDatabase in 0.000940013 seconds
    [09:08:04.357] [Info] Root: Loaded VehicleDatabase in 0.00382762 seconds
    [09:08:04.360] [Info] Root: Loaded PlayerFactory in 0.00322874 seconds
    [09:08:04.438] [Info] Root: Loaded ProjectileDatabase in 0.552939 seconds
    [09:08:04.441] [Info] Root: Loaded VersioningDatabase in 0.00268633 seconds
    [09:08:04.441] [Info] Root: Loaded EntityFactory in 0.0813025 seconds
    [09:08:04.478] [Info] Root: Loaded ParticleDatabase in 0.0370418 seconds
    [09:08:04.702] [Info] Root: Loaded MaterialDatabase in 0.261255 seconds
    [09:08:04.707] [Info] Root: Loaded TerrainDatabase in 0.00459305 seconds
    [09:08:04.739] [Info] Root: Loaded BiomeDatabase in 0.0320805 seconds
    [09:08:04.740] [Info] Root: Loaded LiquidsDatabase in 0.000686996 seconds
    [09:08:04.745] [Info] Root: Loaded StatusEffectDatabase in 0.00543738 seconds
    [09:08:05.046] [Info] Root: Loaded DamageDatabase in 0.300091 seconds
    [09:08:05.050] [Info] Root: Loaded EffectSourceDatabase in 0.00392519 seconds
    [09:08:05.054] [Info] Root: Loaded FunctionDatabase in 0.00464904 seconds
    [09:08:05.080] [Info] Root: Loaded TreasureDatabase in 0.0261267 seconds
    [09:08:05.323] [Info] Root: Loaded DungeonDefinitions in 0.242134 seconds
    [09:08:05.323] [Info] Root: Loaded TilesetDatabase in 3.56728e-05 seconds
    [09:08:05.325] [Info] Root: Loaded StatisticsDatabase in 0.002181 seconds
    [09:08:05.325] [Info] Root: Loaded EmoteProcessor in 6.23683e-05 seconds
    [09:08:05.330] [Info] Root: Loaded SpeciesDatabase in 0.00506861 seconds
    [09:08:05.344] [Info] Root: Loaded QuestTemplateDatabase in 0.0136223 seconds
    [09:08:05.345] [Info] Root: Loaded AiDatabase in 0.00143116 seconds
    [09:08:05.346] [Info] Root: Loaded TechDatabase in 0.000953007 seconds
    [09:08:05.352] [Info] Root: Loaded CodexDatabase in 0.0057367 seconds
    [09:08:05.477] [Info] Root: Loaded DanceDatabase in 0.00270381 seconds
    [09:08:05.483] [Info] Root: Loaded SpawnTypeDatabase in 0.00545486 seconds
    [09:08:05.486] [Info] Root: Loaded RadioMessageDatabase in 0.00333269 seconds
    [09:08:06.329] [Info] Root: Writing runtime configuration to '..\storage\starbound.config'
    [09:08:07.036] [Info] Root: Loaded ItemDatabase in 2.5977 seconds
    [09:08:07.155] [Info] Root: Loaded CollectionDatabase in 1.66878 seconds
    [09:08:07.353] [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (JsonException) Cannot call get with key on Json type bool, must be Object type
    [0] 13fc36f03 Star::captureStack
    [1] 13fc35c2e Star::StarException::StarException
    [2] 13fbcdaca Star::JsonException::format<Star::String>
    [3] 13fbd9132 Star::Json::ptr
    [4] 13fbd87e9 Star::Json::optString
    [5] 13fca2c9c Star::nodeParameterValueFromJson
    [6] 13fc94e63 Star::Maybe<Star::Json>::apply<Star::Variant<Star::String,Star::Json> (__cdecl&)(Star::Json const & __ptr64)>
    [7] 13fc9dcc3 Star::BehaviorDatabase::behaviorNode
    [8] 13fc9b276 <lambda_4c657ec8b606b0f26d2a0e6698094c81>::operator()
    [9] 13fc978d4 Star::transformInto<Star::List<std::shared_ptr<Star::Variant<Star::ActionNode,Star::DecoratorNode,Star::Variant<Star::SequenceNode,Star::SelectorNode,Star::ParallelNode,Star::DynamicNode,Star::RandomizeNode>,std::shared_ptr<Star::BehaviorTree const > > const >,std::allocator<std::shared_ptr<Star::Variant<Star::ActionNode,Star::DecoratorNode,Star::Variant<Star::SequenceNode,Star::SelectorNode,Star::ParallelNode,Star::DynamicNode,Star::RandomizeNode>,std::shared_ptr<Star::BehaviorTree const > > const > > >,Star::List<Star::Json,std::allocator<Star::Json> > & __ptr64,<lambda_4c657ec8b606b0f26d2a0e6698094c81> >
    [10] 13fc97a56 Star::List<Star::Json,std::allocator<Star::Json> >::transformed<<lambda_4c657ec8b606b0f26d2a0e6698094c81> >
    [11] 13fca021d Star::BehaviorDatabase::compositeNode
    [12] 13fc9e39d Star::BehaviorDatabase::behaviorNode
    [13] 13fc9eda0 Star::BehaviorDatabase::buildTree
    [14] 13fca2ab2 Star::BehaviorDatabase::loadTree
    [15] 13fc99400 Star::BehaviorDatabase::BehaviorDatabase
    [16] 13ffe30a5 std::make_shared<Star::BehaviorDatabase>
    [17] 13ffe95f9 <lambda_e92675944c0ec0cde2f7dfdaec8c4429>::operator()
    [18] 13ffda74f std::_Invoker_functor::_Call<<lambda_e92675944c0ec0cde2f7dfdaec8c4429> & __ptr64>
    [19] 13ffde4d6 std::invoke<<lambda_e92675944c0ec0cde2f7dfdaec8c4429> & __ptr64>
    [20] 13ffdba89 std::_Invoke_ret<std::shared_ptr<Star::BehaviorDatabase>,<lambda_e92675944c0ec0cde2f7dfdaec8c4429> & __ptr64>
    [21] 13ffeb166 std::_Func_impl<<lambda_e92675944c0ec0cde2f7dfdaec8c4429>,std::allocator<int>,std::shared_ptr<Star::BehaviorDatabase> >::_Do_call
    [22] 13ffe9667 std::_Func_class<std::shared_ptr<Star::LiquidsDatabase> >::operator()
    [23] 13ffdf4b3 Star::Root::loadMemberFunction<Star::BehaviorDatabase>
    [24] 13ffde649 Star::Root::loadMember<Star::BehaviorDatabase>
    [25] 13ffec7a2 Star::Root::behaviorDatabase
    [26] 13ffda7b0 std::_Invoker_pmf_pointer::_Call<std::shared_ptr<Star::MonsterDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [27] 13ffddfe9 std::invoke<std::shared_ptr<Star::CollectionDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*& __ptr64)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [28] 13ffdb9fc std::_Invoke_ret<std::shared_ptr<Star::VersioningDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*& __ptr64)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [29] 13ffda83e std::_Call_binder<std::_Unforced,0,std::shared_ptr<Star::TreasureDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,std::tuple<Star::Root * __ptr64>,std::tuple<> >
    [30] 13ffd9f9e std::_Binder<std::_Unforced,std::shared_ptr<Star::Assets const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 const>::operator()<>
    [31] 13ffea982 std::_Func_impl<Star::SwallowReturn<std::_Binder<std::_Unforced,std::shared_ptr<Star::EffectSourceDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 const> >,std::allocator<int>,void>::_Do_call
    [32] 13fc2d96b <lambda_7b083dc4bdd496712d99e51bb49515b5>::operator()
    [33] 13fc2e7b2 Star::WorkerPool::WorkerThread::run
    [34] 13fc339ee Star::ThreadImpl::runThread
    [35] 778e59cd BaseThreadInitThunk
    [36] 77b1a561 RtlUserThreadStart
    [09:08:07.353] [Info] Application: shutdown...
    [09:08:07.481] [Info] Root: Shutting down Root
    [09:08:07.822] [Info] Application: Destroying SDL Window
    [09:08:07.833] [Info] Application: stopped gracefully
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  9. Jerry Noeda'an

    Jerry Noeda'an Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I encountered the same issue. I tried unpacking the file to go through and see what is wrong but the logs are nothing to go by (at least for me), I can't tell what the problem is. Same issue as with rylasasin.

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