Starbound: A Midsummer's Nightmare (warning! gore and strong language)

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    (Here is a fanfic i'm currently working on with the help of a friend on dA, let me know what you think?)

    Log date: February 12..13:38 hours. 2 hours from the last stop and 2 days until the next star.

    Lilith awoke in in her tent to her pet snake Mango constricting her arm, they were approaching a frozen star system. “Hmmm?..oh it's're cold aren't ya Mango?” Lilith sat up and gently stroked the leaf on the serpent's head calming him. “It did get colder didn't it? Guess we're passing through a frozen sector of the galaxy.” She stretched and yawned showing off all her teeth. She crawled from her tent carrying Mango with her. She climbed down into the lower part of the ship to the kitchen. She set Mango down on the dining room chair as she prepped breakfast for them both making her self some toast with beakseed jam and giving Mango eggs to eat. To keep him from freezing to death Lilith took the space heater from the bathroom and brought it into the dining room and setting it next to the pet house. It was enough to make Mango fall asleep after he ate. After eating breakfast Lilith looked out her window seeing the several snowy and almost barren planets thinking about possibly making a quick stop for fuel and ore. She didn't like being in extreme climates but she didn't like being cooped up on the ship either. She made her way to the captain's seat of the ship and sat down and noticed she had gotten a message from the the Outpost Comity. “More spam..?” Lilith thought out loud. She opened the message and saw it was a warning notice. “Beware the Organ Donors?...” Lilith studied the notice carefully. It stated there was a group of blood thirsty florans that were also bandits, they would pillage village settlements, other outposts and other ships. It also went on to say that there were a few that were recently arrested at a local outpost and if anyone were to encounter any to do what you can to stay alive. This was the first Lilith ever heard of this group, if anything they sounded like floran supremacists and as if their races reputation wasn't bad enough. Lilith sighed,”It's always something.” According to the note those group members were arrested for trying to sell ship parts and organs on the black market. Lilith stored the note and brought up the map, they were about to approach an eccentric star system. 'Hmmm...tropical planets have some good stuff,and it's get one frozen planet,' she thought before steering towards it. Upon approaching the star she decided it would be best to stop for fuel first.

    As her ship hovered over the moon she noticed a few ditches and wells. They looked pretty recent but there weren't any other ships around. Once she beamed down with her matter manipulator she made her way to one of the wells. She looked down into seeing there were torches put up, she hoped who ever was down there didn't mind sharing. She jumped down into the hole which wasn't that deep and landed on a platform. There was lot's of mining equipment, like whoever was here was planing on cleaning out the moon. Lilith took two steps before seeing what appeared to bee mining tools, some of which where broken. “Hello?!” Lilith called into the tunnel. The sound of her own echo was all she could hear. She wondered deeper setting up torches where there weren't any until she came to a small pool of fuel. One glance around was enough for her to realize it was all gone. “Damn...guess i'll just try another after this.” Lilith took what little fuel was left before turning to leave..not noticing the bodies partially buried in a ditch a few feet away. Once back on the shit Lilith headed for the closest tropical planet packing poison replant and a first aid kit. She turned back to Mango who was looking up at her,”I'll be back boy, stay in the den until I get back.” Lilith then beamed her self down to the tropical planet and immediately felt the effects of the environment. It was very humid and the air was thick and moist. Lilith held onto her back pack as she walked through the marsh, it reminded her a lot of home. Along the way she would stop to harvest food and plant matter. After a few minutes Lilith stopped when she was a poptop asleep with 2 of it's cubs. Despite being one of the most dangerous animals in the sector Lilith thought they were adorable, her thoughts left when she saw the bigger poptop waking up. It's eyes narrowed seeing Lilith and hissed before Lilith slowly got one her knees before reaching into her bag and pulling out some food she had collected. The poptop kept staring at her and sunk it's claws into the ground ready to charge as she slowly pushed the food towards the animal. “There you go..I don't want any trouble,” Lilith whispered as she also reached for her knife just in case. The large creature inched forward and took the food before eating and letting a out a purring and snorting sound.

    Lilith slowly stood back up and made her way around the poptop and it's cubs and back through the swampy area. She let out a sigh as she turned back to look at them and saw the creature had wounds on it's back, they looked recent but to lethal which would explain a lot. Lilith shook he head it was probably poachers that didn't know what they were doing, it didn't attack he so she didn't think euthanasia would be necessary. As she kept walking Lilith noticed a few trees that were either cut down or cut up. Was this also done by those poachers? Lilith sighed,”Damnit, wasteful!” Lilith collected what was left and stopped again when she saw another poptop only this one was dead and it's head was gone, what really caught he eye was the symbol carved into it. “What the hell...” Lilith said under her breath, now she wanted to find who ever did this and give her a piece of her mind. If someone wanted to hunt that's fine but wasting meat and wood like that was disgusting it's almost like they did just for the sake of destruction. Lilith looked at the symbol carved into the body, it looked like organs,“Wait...organs?” Just as Lilith pieced it together she felt something press against the back of her head. “Drop the back pack!” Lilith tensed up, she wanted to take out her knife again but knew that as long as they had a weapon to her head she couldn't do much. She tried to slowly turn to see who it was. “Bitch I didn't tell you to move!” Lilith then felt the weapon hit the back of her head causing her to fall to her knees,”Ahhh fuck!” The attacker then yanked her bag off of her. Lilith looked up seeing 2 florans standing over her. One who was a female with red fern leaves went through her bag while the other who was a male with yellow leaves was holding what looked like a pipe and licking blood from his fingers. The other dumped the contents of the bag out and looked through before looking back at her partner,”It's all useless shit!” Lilith glared at her,”Fuck you!” “What did you say bitch,” the female growled before storming back over to Lilith. If it was one thing she hated it was bandits that killed and wasted things. She stood up feeling blood drip from her head,“ you heard me, you think I'm scared of you!?” Lilith sized up the other female and shoved her to the ground, her partner seemed to enjoy the scene,“Hehehe I like this one she's feisty.” “Don't just stand their you idiot!” the female yelled. Lilith turned back to him in time to see the pipe come down her head again only this time it knocked her out.

    When she came to Lilith heard talking, it sounded like there were more florans this time. She felt like throwing up her head hurt more and all she could smell was blood. When she opened her eyes her vision was slightly blurry and when she tried to move she felt they tied her hands behind her back. She slowly managed to sit up on her knees and regain her vision seeing that she was in a room full of hylotl corpses some of which were partially eaten and covered in flies and maggots. She gasped and scrambled to get away from them bumping into the table against the wall with had the one light in the room hanging over it. She couldn't help it she through up and spit before looking around the room to find something to cut her hands free, she wasn't going to to be just another corpse, not today at least. She noticed one of the hylotl had a knife in it's head, it seemed like the only option at the time. She held her breath and backed herself close enough to pulled the weapon out. Holding onto tightly she quickly went the opposite side of the room and turned the knife around trying to cut through the rope and be careful not to nick herself. She managed to cut through enough of it to break free. The first thing she did was brush the invading insects off of her before running for the door. After leaving the room she found herself in a hall way, the building she was in just from looking at the walls seemed to be a agriculture facility. She heard the voices of her captures again, now she knew she had to kill if she wanted to get back to her ship. She still had the knife with her and kept it close as she made her way down the hall and towards the voices. On one of the walls she saw the same symbol as before, it was painted in blood. It was obvious fighting these crazy florans wasn't going to be easy but Lilith wasn't planning on giving up. She over heard them talk about selling what they found and possibly digging around in the tunnels outside to find the hylotl that escaped. Lilith took a deep breath, this was going to take all the strength she had.

    As she got closer she heard the voice of the male floran that hit her. “I would've let her kill Ferna but I woulda got a lot of shit from you know who.” The floran he was talking to laughed,”Damn sounds like something i'd watch I love a good cat fight.” Lilith turned and glanced around the corner at the two males. Only one shot, but before Lilith could do anything both the males stopped their conversation,”Did you hear that?..” Lilith froze, did they spot her? Apparently not they went in the opposite direction and left the room and into another hall. As soon as she was sure they were gone Lilith walked into the room and looked around until she saw a door leading outside, her back pack was the least of her concerns. She just found out about these florans not even 12 hours ago and now she was right under their noses. She made a break for the door and outside. She kept running until the building was out of site and stopped to catch her breath she knew she had to warn some one and she had to get back to her ship. She looked around for a place to hide for the time being but the only thing around was a mine shaft that appeared to be out of order. “Now what?..” Lilith thought out loud. “Now you die!~” a familiar voice said. Lilith quickly turned to see Ferna the female floran she almost fought with. Ferna held a knife too and glared at Lilith,”Conner should've killed you but I guess i'll do it myself!” “Well your little friend isn't here to help so your gonna be the one that ends up dying.” Lilith held up the knife. Ferna grinned Lilith wanted to wipe that smile off her face but before she could swing her knife blood splashed onto her. “Ahck!” Lilith wiped the blood away from her face before seeing Ferna had been impaled from behind in the stomach. Lilith looked at her in shock and confusion before the sword that impaled her was pulled back out and her intestines fell from her body. Ferna through up blood before collapsing in a heap of her own organs. Lilith looked at the body before looking up and seeing another hylotl. She held two katanas and had armor that resembled a mecha suit, she was very beautiful even covered in blood and her eyes showed to be cold and empty through her helmet.

    Lilith backed away when the hylotl approached,”W-wait i'm not with them!” As the warrioress was about to cut Lilith down as well she backed away to far,”Please d- w-wahhh!!” Lilith lost he footing and nearly missed the blade of the Hylotl's katana as she fell in to the mine shaft.
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    not bad, but uhh there a 4 in the sentence "into the hole which wasn't that deep and land4ed on a platform"
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    Ahh geez thanx for catching that

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