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    I noticed that nobody has ever built a computer in Starbound. I decided to go ahead and build one. If you want to follow along, I'll put the building videos here. I'll work on creating technical documentation for it once it's done.

    So far, I have the ALU and I have memory built. I'd really like to share it, but I don't know how yet.

    The only non-vanilla part I've used so far is the pass gate from my logic extension mod, and I mostly use it for organization.

    Building and testing the 8 bit adder:

    Building and testing the memory:

    Building the Display, the Instruction Register and Decoder, and the Bus to and from Memory
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    This thread is very underappreciated so I'll be the first to like and comment on this. I'll be following it as it updates. :up:
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    i love it wiring is my favorite part of starbound i am actually working on a simple 8 bit computer with the binary functions: count add subtract save and load
    its great to see another starbound wirer there are so few of us!

    if you want i can give you pictures of the stackable binary subtraction circuit and my form of storage/memory and or other wiring creations i have done
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    Please dont doublepost. Use the edit function instead to make additions to your previous post. I merged your posts. :nuruhappy:
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    thank you i am new

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