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WIP Starbound Dialogue Trees

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Reil, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Reil

    Reil Big Damn Hero


    Title is relatively self-explanatory; this mod endeavours to provide (relatively) seamless dialogue trees to the NPCs, introducing a few new config parameters and a Skyrim-esque conversation interface a la this mockup:


    This is not a user-side mod--it accommodates the creation of affective (with an A,) NPCs by modders.


    Essentially by creating a dialogue GUI framework and a system for switching between a set of UIs for NPCs via an array of UI paths under a configuration variable called "dialoguePanel." The bulk of the configuration lies within the linked user interface's "dialoguetree.lua", where settings for (clunky) persistent dialogues, background images, and the trees themselves reside.

    Further documentation may be found within the example code and main UI script.

    Please note that, as of yet, the code is unfinished and will likely break
    because I'm lazy.

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  2. Reil

    Reil Big Damn Hero

    After confronting Starbound's oddly restrictive approach to object properties, I'm offloading configuration to the interface side of things--will have a fixed mod version up in a bit.
  3. Reil

    Reil Big Damn Hero

    Working design has finally been finished-- updated instructions are in the original post, as well as the mod's file and an example NPC.
  4. Reil

    Reil Big Damn Hero

    Implemented click detection--release candidate will manifest next update.

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