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RELEASED Starbound Extended (Pleased Giraffe) (Returning For 1.0) Rebirth 1.2.1

Starbound getting boring? Want some more content? This Pack contains everything you need!

  1. Creeperciaran

    Creeperciaran Orbital Explorer

    Ignore this reply, i was an idiot.
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
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  2. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    Very nice modpack! a and i only have one problem about it

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  3. haynesy566

    haynesy566 Heliosphere

    The Avali? Or the gigantic character screen?
  4. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    Gigantic Character Screen
    it's size is f*cking ridiculus
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  5. haynesy566

    haynesy566 Heliosphere

    I just wanted something that could handle a large number of custom races :rofl:

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