Starbound Fanfic: The Protectorate Files

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Tonko, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Hello there. I am a Starbound fan, and because I like writing, I decided to write a Fanfic.

    The idea is that there are many apocryphal files that were from the Protectorate. They will talk about protectors, special cases, and even more stuff.

    For now, I have only wrote one file; It´s about a Floran recruit called Tulip. I will leave the cover of the book and an illustration (Made by Roach Hero) below.



    You can read it in Wattpad, by following this link:

    If you want to contribute, that would be great! You can write files, or draw ilustrations if you want. If that´s the case, please comment this thread.

    PLEASE NOTE: The story was originally written in Spanish, and then translated to English. Because my english skills suck, there may be mistakes; If you find one, please tell me.

    Thanks for reading!


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