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Bug/Issue Starbound running on low FPS

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by CoolPantCate, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. CoolPantCate

    CoolPantCate Space Hobo

    My Starbound game WAS working fine in the morning when I was playing it, and since I played the game for quite a while in one sitting, I decided it was best if I took a break to go and eat or do something else. After my 3-4 hour break of doing chores, eating, etc. I decided to come back and play the game as I was getting bored. Mind you that before this TRAGEDY happened my game was running solid 60 FPS. So, I decided to come back and play, but when I started up the game and got into the main menu, I was running 10-14 FPS, and being a perfectionist and liking my FPS stable, this really got on my nerve even if it was only for the main menu. So I jumped into my world and the same thing happens, I'm playing on 10-14 FPS. If anyone has any fixes for this or even an idea, PLEASE TELL ME AND HELP ME OUT!

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