Starbound themed Windows Mouse Cursors

Discussion in 'Other Fan Creations' started by DiaBombe, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. DiaBombe

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    Hello Starbound community!

    I became tired of the standard Windows cursors a few months ago, so I decided to make my own cursor pack based on Starbound.
    However, there are some differences from the standard Windows one which might require some getting used too.
    • The Link Select aka. The Pointing Hand is now a simple color changing cursor

    • Text Select is now a smaller cursor with a Text Select icon to the side

    Step 1: Put all files from the Cursors folder of the zip file into C:\Windows\Cursors (Putting them somewhere else
    will cause the cursors to reset after a restart)

    Step 2: Go into settings and click on Devices and then Mouse.
    Click on Additional mouse options in the related setting section to the right and A small window will open.
    There, click on the "pointers" tab.

    Step 3: Assign each cursor to the files you just put into the windows\cursors folder by selecting the individual
    Cursor and clicking on "Browse..." repeat this for all cursors if desired (If there is an easier way please let me know).
    You can also save this pack as a scheme by clicking on "Save As..." if you want to have multiple Cursor themes.

    Original art from the game Starbound by Chucklefish with slight edits by DiaBomb.
    Additional art by DiaBomb.
    Photoshop and RealWorld Cursor Editor used.
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  3. Cyandogg

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    (off topic)huh never thought i'd come across this guy btw its me frostaer on an old account if you dont remember me im from scrap
  4. That1Rand0mChannel

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    Thanks for making this, been using it ever since!
  5. 1homas

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    Thanks!! My cursor kept glitching in-game by switching from the Starbound cursor to my Windows cursor, so this fixes my issue!

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