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Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by SpaceAdventurer15, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. SpaceAdventurer15

    SpaceAdventurer15 Void-Bound Voyager

    {Bookmark cannot be renamed and it was working well before?!}

    Hi there

    I want to report a bug I found on the unstable version of starbound 1.3. While I was exploring the version, I noticed a few npcs (tenants/npcs you find on villages or camps) are not interactable and this mostly happens when I'm on a quest. This bug might be common and someone already mentioned this however another bug that I really got annoyed about was that I can't name my bookmarks anymore or rename them. This might seem minor but I use bookmarks alot in the old version and wanted to report this bug I found just incase the devs missed it (I don't think they did but just to be sure!). I don't want this bug to accidently appear on the stable version of 1.3.

    This bug happened later on when I started to get comfortable with the unstable version, after getting the tungsten armor set and reached the hylotl search quest, it was working fine before but when I wanted to add another bookmark, I can't name it or rename it at all, even my old bookmarks can't be renamed because when I type something, it won't input the keys I pressed but the delete button works?!

    I'm playing on Starbound - 1.3.0 RC6

    Hope this bug can get fixed soon and I like version 1.3 alot!

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