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  1. slamerz

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    What is?
    Stardew Valley + will be a large expansion for Stardew Valley, boasting the addition of many new crops, fish, recipes, trees, farm animals, and more!

    Current State
    Stardew Valley + is currently a crude xnb mod which adds 4 new crops, 4 new fruit, and a new fish. The only way to obtain any of these items is through commands such as the "player_additem (itemID)" command with SMAPI. All of the crops and fruit grow properly, and can be sold and eaten.


    Iceberg Lettuce
    Bell Pepper





    Plans for the future
    While I have quite a lot of plans for more crops, fish, fruit, ect. I'm currently looking into how to use Storm API to make this a legitimate mod and not a very crude addition, but I'm not experienced with c# and blah blah blah excuses excuses. Still I'm working on adding the seeds to the shops, and once I get that figured out work on adding fish, and then adding more farm animals.

    Those are the plans so far, and while the mod is very much in its infancy I'd like to hear everyones thoughts and feedback on what you think and would like to see added.

    Installation is very easy, just extract the contents of StardewValley+0.1.zip into your Stardew Valley Content folder "\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\"
    There is also a ReadMe.txt file with all the additional itemID's that are available.


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    • Sadron

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      Good start, I look forward to you improving upon this mod. ^^
      • PhoenixLabella

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        Nice, is this kind of mod i was looking for. =D
        • arcticalex

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          Will the arapaima fish prevent me from getting the angler achievement and the stardrop from it? im 3 fish away just to be sure..
          • Superior_s

            Superior_s Sandwich Man

          • SOLArUniVERSE

            SOLArUniVERSE Aquatic Astronaut

            Still keeping up with this mod, hope to see it get bigger!
            • Alviano

              Alviano Intergalactic Tourist

              Thanks... its nice

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