Stardew Valley character ages and why

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  1. TrashyVerse

    TrashyVerse Aquatic Astronaut

    Alex – 20
    Haley – 19
    Elliot – 23
    Leah – 21
    Maru – 19
    Harvey – 23
    Emily – 22
    Clint – 25
    Penny – 23
    Pam – 41
    Jas – 6
    Vincent – 7
    Marnie – 47
    Lewis – 52
    Demetrius – 41
    Robin – 40
    Caroline – 43
    Pierre – 45
    Sandy – 32
    Bouncer – 29
    Jodi – 42
    Kent – 44
    Sam – 21
    Sebastian – 19
    Shane – 22
    Willy – 45
    Wizard – 52
    Evelyn – 64
    Alex’s Mom – 43 (if still alive)
    George – 69
    Gunther – 42
    Gill - 50
    Marlon - 54


    Alex’s mom would’ve been 23 when she had Alex, and Evelyn would’ve been 21 when she had her daughter. Jodi would’ve been 21 when she had Sam, Pam was 18 when she had Penny, Sebastian is two years younger than Sam, Maru’s mother was 21 when she was born, and the other ages are based logically around the other characters so they’re not too young or too old. You can’t be 16 and get married. Lol.

    How old do you think everyone is?
    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      I've not really considered actual ages too much other than Seb cuz I married him - in my mind, he's somewhere in the 23-26 bracket. I get the sense that he's out of high school but not freshly so, and I don't recall right now if he's mentioned college. He's managed to get himself an online job and that can take a few years to really get going, and I do think he's fairly established with what he's doing since he always seems to be busy. However, he's still living with mom and saving up, which implies he's not too terribly far along, as he would be in his later 20's or possibly even early 30's. He's still got the urge to escape the small-town life and go off into the world, just not quite the means to do it yet, so I put him in the mid-20's bracket. That's just my canon though, my own boyfriend is 25 so I draw some similarities from his personality and drives.

      The rest of them, I generally tend to just put them in broad numerical categories - 20's, 30's, 40's etc.
      • RaineShadow

        RaineShadow Industrial Terraformer

        Interesting that you made Clint and the bouncer so young, but Marnie so old.

        Anyway, I don't really bother with their ages either, I don't think it's that important, CA said bachelors/bachelorettes are in their 20s, I'm guessing others are older.
        I agree with the person who said Sam, Maru and Abigail are the youngest of the marriagable ones, while Harvey and Elliott are the oldest.
        • LuthienNightwolf

          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

          I guess if I really had to think about it, I'd put them like this:

          >10 - Vincent and Jas
          20-25 - Alex, Sam, Sebastian, Haley, Abigail, Maru
          26-30 - Leah, Elliot, Sandy, Shane, Emily, Penny

          30's - Harvey (late 30's)

          40's - Robin, Demetrius, Clint, Pam, Marnie, Caroline, Pierre, Jodi, Kent, Gunther

          50's - Lewis, Willy

          60+ - George, Evelyn (likely 70's), Marlon, Gil, and the Wizard (though he could theoretically be any age because magic)

          I base a lot of this on their occupation, marital status, parental status, and general attitude and outlook on life and overall maturity with how they handle situations, but there are of course always exceptions to the rule and this is just the feel I get off of them. My own character, hmmm probably same age as me which is 34...and if she's anything like me she can relate to both the younger and older crowds since she's kind of in the middle.
          • Minimanta

            Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

            I have actually thought about this a couple of times before, especially about the marriage candidates. Because you know, those are the people we can start a family with.

            And imo all the marriage candidates are in their 20's at least, Harvey might be in his early 30's because it takes a long time to get a doctor's degree.
            Their parents and other people from that generation would then be around their 50's, Lewis I'm guessing is in his 60's, Shane and Emily in their 30's, George and Evelyn in their 70's and Vincent and Jas around 10.

            And no, the age of the characters aren't important at all but it's still fun to imagine :)
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            • DarkOmegaMK2

              DarkOmegaMK2 Pangalactic Porcupine

              I like how in this estimation even the bouncer has his own age. I would think he would be the harder one to guess his age considering he's almost irrelevant to anything other than being just a human road block.
              • TrashyVerse

                TrashyVerse Aquatic Astronaut

                Just I pair Harvey with Maru cause reasons and I didn't want Maru to be like 16 and him 35. That'd be creepy. Can we agree on an age for them where they're not too far apart and it's not creepy? ;u; I'm having trouble.
                • MagicallyClueless

                  MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

                  i'll give my guesses or headcanons for bachelor(ette)s

                  Alex- 23
                  Sam- 21
                  Elliott- 27
                  Harvey- 29-30
                  Sebastian- 25
                  Abigail- 19-20
                  Penny- 22
                  Haley- 21
                  Maru- 22
                  Leah- 26
                  Shane- 28-29
                  Emily- 27-28

                  i imagine they're all at least in their 20s. bachelors tend to have a little more variety for me while all the bachelorettes strike me as pretty dang young. oh well, tho.
                  • Minimanta

                    Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                    Maru is definitely not 16, lol. She can get married and works as a nurse after all. She's most likely in her early 20's, so there'd probably be around 10 years between her and Harvey. I personally don't find that creepy, but then again I don't really see anything wrong with a big age difference between a couple.
                    • LuthienNightwolf

                      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                      This, exactly. Me and my boyfriend are 9 years apart and we work just fine. lol I put Harvey a bit older because like someone else mentioned, he's a doctor, and the training for that takes several years. Plus he kind of hints at it in a lot of his dialogue.

                      Maru I would say is at least college age. Demetrius is very keen on keeping her on the right track for her future so I think maybe she'd be doing some kind of tech school while keeping the clinic job on the side.
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                      • RozanePasteru

                        RozanePasteru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Wow thats a huge age difference between Vincent and Sam to me Vincent/Jas would be 9-11 Also while Sebastian is like 2-3 years older than Maru, she should be 19-20
                        • RozanePasteru

                          RozanePasteru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Also Harvey is the oldest of the marriage candidates i think he could around his early 30's while elliot Late 20's and Leah 25-26
                          • RozanePasteru

                            RozanePasteru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            oh in pennys bedroom theres a guide book on how to teach 2 graders 2 grade.png
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                            • benevapwnz

                              benevapwnz Void-Bound Voyager

                              I also find it odd that Sebastian and Maru have the same age, that would be only possible if Robin had Maru a few time after giving birth to Sebastian, which I find a bit unlikely. I would keep Maru with 19 and change Sebastian to 24-26.
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                              • Sabram

                                Sabram Starship Captain

                                Out of the marriage candidates i always felt that Abigail had to be the youngest. Her attitude, interests, and hobbies all seem to be from a slightly lower ageset than any of the others. Obviously Harvey is the oldest, being a doctor and all.
                                Not to mention that Abby's mom mentions her taking online classes, I think Abigail isn't even quite 20 yet, possible as low as 18.

                                So to me it is like
                                Alex- 20
                                Sam- 21
                                Elliott- 24
                                Harvey- 35
                                Sebastian- 25
                                Abigail- 18
                                Penny- 22
                                Haley- 19
                                Maru- 22
                                Leah- 23
                                Shane- 27
                                Emily- 28
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                                • ShneekeyTheLost

                                  ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

                                  Sam, Seb, and Abigail... when they get together at the pub on the weekends, there's a distinct lack of alcohol on their end (other than Shane chugging his brews). If it wasn't for the fact that Seb has to be older than Maru (when they act the reverse), I'd say all three are sitting at 19-20. As it is, Seb probably refrains from drinking because his two friends aren't old enough.

                                  Assuming, of course, that the drinking ages conform to the US standards and not, say, Irish.
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                                  • Sabram

                                    Sabram Starship Captain

                                    You have a point, those three would have to be close in age.

                                    The funny thing is that Beer is one of Abigail's Liked presents.
                                    • ShneekeyTheLost

                                      ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

                                      Well yea, what not-quite-legal teen wouldn't like someone buying her a beer?
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                                      • RozanePasteru

                                        RozanePasteru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Emily mentions having a graduation feast for abigail so i guess she's already out of highschool
                                        • RozanePasteru

                                          RozanePasteru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          Pretty sure Abigail is legal since she sits at the saloon while her dad is there lol

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