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Discussion in 'Mods' started by hmfanbtnann, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. valoreii

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    I could definitely try and help with the writing process but not so much with the programming aspect. I write and read constantly and I would to help bring more immersive dialogue to this game.
    • RTGOAT

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      All I ask, I don't need help on any programming aspects.
      • valoreii

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        PM me then? If you have reddit, it would be more convenient to chat on there since I'm new to these forums, but it's okay if that's not possible. Thank you :)
        • RTGOAT

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          I have reddit, but I very rarely check it. It would be best to message through this forum.
          • Androxilogin

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            I've been working on an extensive dialogue mod, myself. It has a couple paragraphs a day but is very explicit in some bits. Not only is it dialogue but festival dialogue, events and UI. I was hoping to have it done this week but I haven't worked on it whatsoever this week due to working on other mods. It stays true to the personalities of the characters.. George and Shane are probably the most rude but others are also pretty ignorant. I've been keeping tabs on my progress on my personal mod blog where I'll be releasing it when finished. I will not be posting it on these forums due to the nature or it being completely off from the original developer's vision and his intended audience. There are also videos containing some of the dialogue on my blog as well which are subject to change but posted as I was testing. If this interests you check it out here.
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            • joykiller91

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              I'd like to try and help you guys out if it's still needed..not much of a writer though so don't expect much. I won't mind to just wait for your finished work (such a leech!)

              ....but it's actually what I've been doing these past weeks :)) but for personal use (coz a sweeter Sebastian and Shane is my goal. And more dialogues for Vincent and Kent). Trying to make it more related to their heart events also >< I've almost memorized them. Lol.

              Was planning also to include some mail like love notes or whatnots but I haven't gone that far into the tweaking yet.
              • Androxilogin

                Androxilogin Existential Complex

                For my mod, I'm going to have to decline. Otherwise I'd get lost- OCD would cause me to check every line and set me far behind. Also it's a personal goal and I have ideas for all the characters for the way I'd like things to go. I work better alone in most cases. I'm actually surprised by the willingness people have had to help out with this. It's my third offer since announcing. I don't mean to highjack this thread by mentioning my work.. I apologize to the original creator.
                • RTGOAT

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                  OP has been missing! :eek:

                  I'll be doing something with unique dialogue as part of my next content mod to Longevity...
                  I'm just waiting to get some content for it :eek:

                  Last semester of college also has me running a little slower than I would like, but I'll have that figured out soon.
                  • joykiller91

                    joykiller91 Astral Cartographer

                    Hahaha alright~ we all have our personal view on the characters...like me I already found edited dialogues for Shane and Sebastian but I just had to make it more into my view of them so edit I go~~ X) it's actually become a problem for me.

                    I wonder if it's ever possible to create a public spread of the dialogues so people can comment on the side and suggests some dialogue too but before they have to vote for the life story of the NPC so atleast it won't get too chaotic hahaha. (wishful thinking)

                    @Androxilogin can't wait to see your finished mod also~

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                      • Smallcorners

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                        Dating is sort of boring, yes, there needs to be dialogue that shows you are connecting, somehow.
                        Why am I dating Harvey when the most intimate and caring thing he says is to not overwork myself? Sorry, Harvey, not only are you hard to find, but hard to talk to too. I'm going to play the field now!
                        • RTGOAT

                          RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                          Contribute to the solution and provide some dialogue that you'd like to see from Harvey :)
                          • Taweret

                            Taweret Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            If you're looking for help with various characters, I'd be up for giving Harvey a little more dimension. I adore the guy, but you gotta admit -- he's become his job, and a couple hobbies and an impossible dream from his past aren't really enough to make him all that more fleshed-out. Hell, like others have done with their favorite bachelor(ette)s I've begun tweaking existing dialogue to give it a little more flavor and character though I've tried to stay true to the original dialogue in subject and intent (sorry CA -- you really thought out the villagers, but your writing is a little too terse and to the point sometimes that it seems a wee bit sterile... very noticeably so with Harvey IMO).

                            My notion of that (without magically conjuring him up some more backstory or hobbies) would be to give him some speech quirks and maybe play on the fact that he's well-educated (he studied to be a doctor, making him definitely older than most of the other marriage candidates, his hobbies suggest a natural studiousness and appearances aside, a /definite/ nerdy streak) while remaining pretty humble in outlook. Reading may be a simple and broad-enough hobby to allude to without diving into pure headcanon territory or encroaching too much on Penny's reading monopoly ( :V ). Looking around his room suggests at least a passing interest in things beyond planes and medicine, like music (specifically jazz, but it could branch out a bit to related genres) and history -- so he may read about such stuff. History between the Ferngill Republic and Gotoro Empire (planes and airforces aside), historical fiction, musicians' biographies, etc. On the medicine side he might have taken interest in medicinal or edible wild plants given his living the Valley, and the fact that he likes to receive gifts like purple mushrooms, dandelions and holly (the latter two are edible and medicinal in some way IRL... well, a couple kinds of holly are, anyway -- yerba mate is probably the best-known).

                            Edit: For actual dialogue I'd suggest stuff that points out his caring but overall solitary, educated nature. He's probably at least a little bit socially awkward, likely well-spoken but probably nervously finds the need to correct himself or clarify things after saying them on occasion. I imagine him to have something of a dry wit, probably at least mildly self-deprecating, but that's up to you.

                            In between ham radio-ing and model airplanes, he probably enjoys reading and music -- my guess is history, possibly classic literature (maybe he finds Transcendentalism intriguing? He did make it a point to begin his practice in a small town, largely for its closer-knit community and proximity to nature). He probably doesn't find war history all that appealing unless it involves planes as he seems far more fixated on flying than fighting.

                            At 4-6 hearts he might begin to let more of himself show through the doctor persona, mentioning his hobbies, what he's been listening to or what he's read, maybe offering real or made-up book/lyric quotes during conversation. If it were up to me, he might begin joking around a little bit at this point.

                            As you get his hearts up to 6-8+, maybe he begins trying to look after himself a little better and says that he's been taking more walks rather than just sitting/standing around outside like usual, or has begun cooking simple but healthy meals instead of relying so much on his microwave. After all, having a good friend(!) is liable to improve his overall mood, which means less downtime with hobbies as the only means to relieve stress.

                            7-8+ hearts? Definite flirty overtures, probably disguised as witty banter.
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                            • Androxilogin

                              Androxilogin Existential Complex

                              I agree, default character dialogue is stale and mechanical, "robotic", even. I've been working on my dialogue mod for three weeks now.. Every character has different questions, paragraphs of conversation each day, yada yada.. But I've gone with "everyday conversation" and stuck with it now. It started off as an immature joke, like "f-bomb! F-bomb!" but it has grown more structure over time and suddenly an uncensored version feels appropriate to me while still staying true to the character persona. Well, mostly.. More as I 'imagine them to be'. Although I've gotten errors on three different characters that just completely cause that character to become mute or crash on save while loading dialogue. It's getting a bit annoying. Hopeing there isn't filesize limits.
                              • worldworld

                                worldworld Void-Bound Voyager

                                An addition to Penny's dialogue if that is possible - she still says she never left the valley even after Sam's heart event where he, Abigail, and Sebastian perform a concert in Zuzu City. She might have not seen much to form a proper opinion, though. And Sam should be talking more about the concert, as do Abigail and Sebastian. What do they think about how the concert went? Would they'd like to perform again?

                                I'd love it if Vincent talked more about Sam and how he feels about him or what they do in their free time. The same goes for Vincent and Jas, and Jas about Vincent and Penny.

                                I'm not sure if it was mentioned in this thread or a different one, but I definitely agree with the idea that there should be lines for Maru and Sebastian complaining about each other. Each of them feels their half-sibling doesn't understand them - a total communication breakdown. And they also refuse to communicate with each other. It makes me wonder if Maru or Sebastian feel envious to some degree about how much Sam cares for his little brother? What sort of things has Sebastian told Sam about Maru?

                                Why is Emily unable to visit Sandy even with the bus working again? (I guess it's a matter of programming and coding.) Is it because of her job at Gus's?
                                • SheepMilks

                                  SheepMilks Big Damn Hero

                                  Im so in love with this idea! I fully support it :"D Cant wait!
                                  • Rachaelora

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                                    watching this like a hawk
                                    • RTGOAT

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                                      Longevity v1.7 will introduce a dialogue mod :)

                                      Best be ready!
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                                      • Androxilogin

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                                        Dialogue optional? :cautious:
                                        • joykiller91

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                                          Oh my oh my. YEY! X)

                                          @RTGOAT is it compatible with edited dialogue xnbs? Because I have my own enhanced dialogue mod (...currently wip). hahah

                                          (You haven't even posted it yet and I'm already hogging you. lol. sorry. Excited me. X))

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