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    It becomes evident very quickly that you will acquire tons of slime over your career, but use very little of it, and the money you get from selling slime makes the prospect of building a Slime Hutch much less appealing. As such, I'd like the help from someone in the modding community to add a few items into the game that makes slime, not just useful, but makes the player look at the Slime Hutch and say "I want that; and not just because I want one of everything."

    If possible, I'd like the crafting of these slime-items to be acquired as one levels up in Combat Skill, as combat is how you gather the slime in the first place.

    A few ideas for slime-using items are going to be written below. If you have your own ideas or want to change mine to what you feel are more appropriate, feel free. I'm just looking to make something that's junk into something useful.

    1st: The Slime Bombs! (Think the bombs gained from mining, only green in color)
    Effects: Does not inflict damage. Instead, these inflict the Slimed (Speed -4) and Jinxed (Defense -8) Debuffs on those caught in the blast.

    Important Note: I don't know if these buffs can be scaled for different values (such as Jinxed doing -4 instead of -8) but if they can, making the bombs cause more vulnerability the higher their level would be great. If not, just adjust the amount of slime needed, duration of the effect, and blast radius to whatever you feel appropriate. I'm writing my ideas with the theory the debuffs cannot be scaled in mind.

    Combat Level 1: Slimeball Bomb
    Description: Concentrated slime in a little ball. Sticky!
    Ingredients: 25 Slime, 1 Copper Ore, 1 Coal
    Effect: Inflicts the Slimed and Jinxed Debuffs on those caught in the blast for 7 seconds.
    Range: 3 Tile Radius

    Combat Level 4: Slime-Glob Bomb
    Description: A lot of slime in a little package. Try to avoid the mess.
    Ingredients: 50 Slime, 1 Iron Ore, 1 Coal
    Effect: Inflicts Slimed and Jinxed for 14 seconds.
    Range: 5 Tile Radius

    Combat Level 8: Slime Nuke
    Description: The ultimate in slime-based party-killing technology.
    Ingredients: 100 Slime, 1 Solar Essence, 1 Void Essence
    Effect: Inflicts Slimed and Jinxed for 20 seconds.
    Range: 8 Tile Radius

    2nd: Slime Polish Potions (Looks like a green version of the Life Elixir)
    Effects: Increases player's speed when used.

    Combat Level 2: Slime Polish:
    Description: A slime-based polish for your shoes. Sounds gross, but works great.
    Ingredients: 250 Slime
    Effect: Player Speed +2 for 3 minutes.

    Combat Level 6: Lightning Slick
    Description: Shoe polish made from distilled slime. Turns a day of running errands into a few blurry minutes.
    Ingredients: 500 Slime
    Effect: Player Speed +5 for 7 minutes.

    Finally: Combat Gear (just one ring, really; a fusion of several rings gained as rewards for completing the Adventurer's Guild's slayer tasks)
    Combat Level 9: Nature's Protector
    Description: The blessings of nature are granted to those dedicated and sworn to protect it.
    Ingredients: 1000 Slime, 200 Bat Wings, 20 Void Essence, 20 Solar Essence, 1 Iridium Bar, 1 Diamond
    Effect: Fusion of Slime Charmer Ring (prevent damage from slimes), Vampire Ring (restores 2 health after slaying a monster), Savage Ring (gives 2 second +2 Speed buff {Adrenaline Rush Status} after slaying a monster), Burglar's Ring (Monsters drop items more often), and Sturdy Ring (halves duration of debuffs in player).

    -Adding the effects of the Warrior's Ring and Ring of Yoba is up to the discretion of the modder, but the above rings were chosen because they require killing certain monsters and, for the Sturdy Ring, "the resolve to put one's own life in danger in order to restore balance to nature and the elements" as I imagine Rasmodius would say.

    Thank you in advance to any modders who pick up this request, and to anyone that gives their support or adds their own suggestions for useful items making use of slime as an ingredient.
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