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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by superconsole, May 24, 2018.

  1. Deadybears

    Deadybears Aquatic Astronaut

    Thought I saw something about putting your Vita in airplane mode being a “fix” until an official patch. @superconsole you mention a clash between the Ps4 and Vita trophy list. If I’ve only earned trophies on the Vita version since I never got a trophy on my Ps4 version would it seem less likely for these crashes to happen to me?
    • teyavatch

      teyavatch Astral Cartographer

      Flight mode has worked for me, but you have to fully reset the vita via safe mode first (and, in my experience, the crashes will resume if you exit flight mode at any point, whether you’re playing the game at the time or not.)

      Other people are saying they’re getting crashes having never played the PS4 version too, so…
      • aandrewalv

        aandrewalv Space Hobo

        Flight mode does not fix the crashes for me. I don't own nor play the PS4 version.
        Game crashes after a long day of mining or foraging, it works perfectly fine if I don't do anything and just sleep right away.

        Thank you for responding to the comments to know that the issues on the Vita are acknowledged.
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        • plattym3

          plattym3 Aquatic Astronaut

          Wow, I thought I was unlucky with 3 crashes total before Winter Day 12. Seems like I'm doing OK. Will keep on the look for an update, yes!
          • Dichotomy76

            Dichotomy76 Master Chief

            As with others I'm having issues with the game crashing on Vita. I have never played it on the PS4, but do think I know what is causing the crashes. It has been happening every time when I sleep after reaching level 10 fishing (I had had the occassional crash before this issue, but nothing that stopped me playing). I decided to start a new farm on a different map and quickly found my game regularly crashing again with the new file.

            Having done this I had a look at what might be causing this, since my initial file was relatively stable up to the fishing incident. It seems that if I do something that would cause me to gain a trophy I've already earned, the game will crash. So, as I had reached level 10 in farming, the level 10 in fishing would try to award me the trophy for getting one skill to level 10 and crash when it couldn't. Likewise on my second farm getting to 15k money would also cause the game to try to give me the first money trophy and crash as I already had it.

            Hope this is of help, but I must say I'm disappointed the game was released with these bugs in and they were somehow missed in beta testing.
            • mmccarthy

              mmccarthy Lucky Number 13

              Thanks for the heads up on this! I was tempted to start a new game until the patch came out. I guess waiting is the only option!
              • omniomi

                omniomi Space Hobo

                I have never played on the PS4. Issue is a journal quest tied to a trophy where I already have the trophy purely on Vita.

                - Got quest to "make a friend."
                - Gave a gift to someone.
                - Got the trophy for making friends.
                - Unrelated game crash before I could sleep for the night/save.
                - Now any time I give someone a gift the game crashes because I have the trophy but the quest is back.

                My game is currently on the birthday of the person I am trying to get to full hearts so I am completely stuck and unable to play as I need to give them a birthday gift but every time I do the game crashes.
                • Nyarl

                  Nyarl Intergalactic Tourist

                  Meybe better when u make small patch first to repair trophy bug. And after second bigger patch to fix rest? On PS VITA i dont can play. I want in patch small ps vita and ps4 decoration to my house on farm!!!!!!!!!
                  • teyavatch

                    teyavatch Astral Cartographer

                    I unlocked a trophy today and then had to restart the day. It crashed when I would have earned it a second time. Another safe-mode system restore, back in flight mode, boom. Works again.

                    Basically, if the flight mode thing works for you, it’ll keep working. It just requires a full reset each time you get a trophy crash.
                    • alexaxa

                      alexaxa Space Spelunker

                      Trophy crashes if you already have them, vita or ps4. I have 2 vitas on the same account at home and my girlfriend have a hard time playing without crashing since i earned and synched some of the first trophies and her vita got them. Now she can't fish or have a lifetime saving of 15k without crashing.
                      • omniomi

                        omniomi Space Hobo

                        Can we get an update please?
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                        • Killericon

                          Killericon Yeah, You!

                          Yeah, I'm not even pushing for it to be soon, but if it's a day or two I'll just hold out - if it's gonna be a week or two, I'll do the reset thing. Would just like to know what we're looking at here.
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                          • tortugaelefante

                            tortugaelefante Space Hobo

                            I bought the game for PS4 a year ago, but when I saw that it would also come out on Vita I decided to wait to play it.

                            I played it on PS4 but I did not get any trophies, so I guess that should not be the problem for me. Just finishing my first year, on the 28th of winter, it began to crash each night before saving. So my game has been unplayable. The error code is C2-12828-1.

                            I hope not to be the only one who happens and that is solved soon without losing my save (30 hours or so), I would like to continue enjoying this game.

                            (sorry for my translator English)
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                            • MouseyPounds

                              MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                            • superconsole

                              superconsole Queen of Chickens Chucklefish

                              Hey all, so quick update for those of you who are awaiting on patch news. We have submitted the patch to Sony's dev portal, and it was approved today, but we're currently still waiting for the final green light before it goes live their side. Will check back in with you all tomorrow!
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                              • Deadybears

                                Deadybears Aquatic Astronaut

                                Thank you for the update! We really do appreciate all you guys do. Looking forward to hearing more news, it sounds like it’s close.
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                                • Nyarl

                                  Nyarl Intergalactic Tourist

                                  Yupiiiiiii :)
                                  • Alex79uk

                                    Alex79uk Orbital Explorer

                                    Awesome, thanks :)
                                    • mmccarthy

                                      mmccarthy Lucky Number 13

                                      Awesome, thanks for keeping us in the loop! Much appreciated!
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                                      • Catwah

                                        Catwah Tentacle Wrangler

                                        Just checked and patch is now available <3

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