Starsector : Ships, lasers, explosions and more ships

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What is the best faction mod for this game?

  1. Blackrock Drive Yards

  2. Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority

  3. SCY Nation

  4. The Mayorate

  5. Interstellar Imperium

  6. Junk Pirates/P.A.C.K./ASP Syndicate

  7. Exigency Inc.

  8. Diable Avionics

  9. Citadel Conglomerate

  10. Others?

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  1. adimetro11

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    So what is Starsector? Starsector is a game where yoy manage a fleet to blow up other fleets. because i suck at descriptions, i'll let the devs describe the game for you

    Their website is right here:
    This thread is for discussions about the game and to share your experiences of this game. Have fun blowing up ships!
  2. adimetro11

    adimetro11 Ketchup Robot

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