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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by PrimeSilver, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Simply put, I think some of the basic status effects should be altered a bit, so I want an open discussion on the subject. I like how fire and frost effects work (of four mentioned on the wiki). Fire burns for health based damage and frost slows. But lightning has an area of effect version of fire, and that's just annoying. It's not unique enough. Personally, I thought a better version would be to have lightning reduce or freeze energy recover (even deduct some on hit or over time), at least against players. Against monsters, maybe just reduce how much they attack per second but you get the idea

    Also, poison should be less like another version of fire. Maybe it should reduce defenses so that your attacks deal more damage.

    For the sake of aoe status effects (and maybe the Lightning effect as it is right now, since it is rather interesting) we can create other unique statuses or have variations of the normal ones, such as an inferno version of burning where nearby monsters will also be lit up if they get within touching distance.
    What do you guys think?
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    maybe have fire apply a smallish (smaller than now) dot, and also remove control of your character for a little bit while you run around in fear and catch anything that touches you on fire as well. make lightning totally deplete your energy bar, and root you briefly while your armor reboots (emp from lightning shut it down). make poison a dot that gets gradually higher damage the longer it goes on (simulating the toxin attacking your body's systems one by one...there aren't many poisons that do massive internal damage instantly on consumption or application).

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