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Bug/Issue Steam cloud not syncing save files between 2 computers

Discussion in 'Support' started by zayzer, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. zayzer

    zayzer Space Hobo

    Hi, I play Stardew on 2 different laptops and today when I tried to switch between my other laptop to play (I also completely shut off the original laptop), the correct save was not loaded up. It showed an older save file that is an entire season behind. However, the save file loaded correctly on my original laptop when I was worried that my new and correct save file was overwritten. So my guess is that the game is ONLY recognizing my local save files and not the steam cloud save files on start up. How do I fix this so it loads up correctly between saves? Also, I do use mods and use the mod manager created by New species.
    • I <3 Garrus

      I <3 Garrus Lucky Number 13

      I'm having this same exact issue, but w/o using any mods. I started one game on my laptop, "Clara", and then started another game on my PC, "Pippa". Now, the PC has the "Clara" save folder in the file directory but it's empty! No save file. Now that the game is available on Mac I want to load up the games on my work computer (for some slow afternoon time killing) but have a feeling I'll either have to start a third game, or put my saves on a thumb drive. Either of those options isn't terribly inconvenient, but I would love it if someone knows why the saves aren't syncing!

      Update: All of the sudden I can see all of my saves... but my main game, "Pippa", is only synced to Fall Year 1 when I am well into Spring Year 2... Hmm...
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