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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Schatzy, Nov 17, 2012.


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  1. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    So, this is a steampunk giant basically, I included a picture (By Viejuno on deviantart) of kind of what I was thinking it would look like! It would be cool if it was fat, like below, and pretty durpy looking, but still looks like it could pummel your face in. I thought Robotic Dungeons would be pretty cool too, as you included in the Apex picture, that lightbulb robot thing (which is awesome) needs more robots like it :D Robotic Planets would also be the coolest thing ever. If you guys made the Robotic Planet idea STEAMPUNK... This would be the greatest game in the history of games

    Steam Golem Boss Aspects
    Very large (easier to attack/gives him a somewhat chance at being able to attack you)
    Has a large amount of HP (About 30x more than the player's hp... This is based on players having 400 hp...)
    Deals massive amount of melee damage (85 each punch, can punch once every 3 seconds)
    Very slow moving (balancing melee attack)
    Can be defeated multiple times.
    Steam Golem Abilities
    Sons of Steam: Creates weak robots, that once destroyed, break into 3 "cogs" which are very, very weak small robots that deal 5 damage upon contact, very slow moving.
    Pressure Release: Shoots steam on both sides of the golem, knocking back players and dealing 75 damage.
    Geyser: Shoots steam from hand in one direction, 1 second warning before actually attacks, dealing 125 damage on hit.
    Scavenge: After cogs are alive for 15 seconds, they run back to the golem, healing him for 25 hp each.

    Comment below what you think of my ideas/if you think there should be boss fights implemented in the game.
    Btw, devs mentioned something like a Pokedex, which allows you to see what recipes plants are used in, what enemies are capable of, document your findings, etc. This could help with knowing boss fights.

    Mana costs can be determined by developers

    Armor: Steam Knight hat, helmet, leggings, chestplate. (25% drop chance on each item, stats can be determined by devs)
    Decor: Steam Golem trophy head (Like a deer head, but Steam Golem head)
    Weapon: The Iron Fist (A ranged weapon that goes on your arm and shoots forward a large fist on a spring that will come back to you after, damage will be determined by devs)

    Robotic Planet in Robotic Dungeons

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    30% chance to spawn at end of Robotic Dungeon. Can be summoned using Steam Canister (w/e materials devs want it to cost)
    Health: 12k
    Mana: 5000
    Energy: ???
    Armor: 25
    Slowly marches.

    Melee, described above.


    Goes over: Steampunk planets, enemies, loot, clothing, social slots, crafting, and etc.
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  2. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    yea, I quote mine form "generate monster every friday" forum and turns out someone took that idea from start. on page 39. Oh yea, to the topic, use the word "Mana" we don't have magic. energy is the one use. they might change mana to tech power like warpforce as they change "mp" to be "tp". Which I've had screwed up the system just now if people start agreeing we should have mana to be tech power...Well I screw that line right there.

    Back to the subject, steampower is use by water which this golem get very thirsty so he probably going be in the water or know how produce massive water.

    Note: I am not disagreeing, I do support in some your reason.
  3. TTCBuilder

    TTCBuilder Jackpot!

    Schatzy, this is awesome.
    We need steampunk for reasons like this, I want to fight this thing!
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  4. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    You know what would be super awesome? Have a small human size steam golem as your pet or bodyguards.


    OO U KNOW WHAT! I whould get dev. person here and take the suggestion as good idea. if it is ok by Schatzy if he wanted too.
  5. Dzelda

    Dzelda Parsec Taste Tester

    Its a shame it looks so klunky. If I would want a technological monster for a battle, Id use my Genetic Board.

    The Genetic Board happens to be a technological marvel made by Bulberees to my enjoyment, its a series of tanks/tubes with mutagenic fluid inside, and life support caps on top to keep the experiment alive within. That was the Bulberees idea. My idea was to weaponize it, so in the end it actually became a mobile weapon of death/capture. If anything it looks less like a giant colosseus and more like a hermit crab that got REALLY uptight about what goes in and doesn't. There also may be a cockpit shaded over with black REINFORCED glass in front,. mostly because I like handling giant weapons of death. I also added flamethrowers to the claws, because during design when Qwetzal asked why, "Flamethrowers make everything better"

    Sadly, while mobile it isnt too fast, it doesnt turn too quickly, and it DEFINITELY doesnt go down in one hit, its like a walking tank. WIth claws. And flamethrowers. And a dome that can mess your body shape up quite drastically if I press the wrong two buttons. Shame Starbound cant use it though, The Genetic Board is powered and programmed in Arcanic, a magic reality changing language still used by the Lunarians (also in my storys lore) in some of their more advanced programming of automatons. Haha, look at me ramble, Sorry. :rofl: Although I DO like your Steampunk giant, why doesnt he function less as a boss and more like a BFG though? (Big Friendly Giant) Something like that Id totally want to make friends with, in case I maybe have to move a mountain and am too lazy to do it myself.

    I mean, it wasnt HIS fault that someone nailed metal plates that look like teeth to his face. Ill bet his creatoir just wanted to show the hell off :rofl:
  6. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

    This is great.

    If there will be steampunk planets, this would be perfect as one of the bosses.
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  7. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    Well, clearly you should look at the suggestion rules, I actually took the template from the "making mobs" template... soooooo... yeah, not my fault for assuming there was mana :3

    Btw, I wouldn't care if somebody became a dev and used this! I would cry with joy.
  8. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    Thanks ^-^
  9. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    That is the worst idea ever... no offense.

    You clearly don't even know what steampunk is... You're not going to hollow out a steampunk machine, it wouldn't even work :p
  10. theklman11

    theklman11 Void-Bound Voyager

    nev mind
  11. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    please do not spam. Try fuse the posting into one. There is some rules still apply of no double posting.
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  12. Rox

    Rox Void-Bound Voyager

    I absolutely love this idea! Not only does it look like a pretty cool boss to be put in the game, but I love the steampunk genre.
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  13. Zeklo

    Zeklo Heliosphere

    I've always loved golems but it doesn'y have to be just a steam golem there could and should be more.
  14. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    I know, I was just coming up with a specific golem, plus it's a boss sooo.
  15. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    are you going fix your triple post up? If not then I can't send the developer in cuz he or she will delete and fuse into one themselves your triple post. To do all respect, this only show that one your not lazy and two you do respect others view.

    You know would be great still? Have steam pet golem. That would be amazing, if anyone could agree to that view I have.
  16. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

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  17. TTCBuilder

    TTCBuilder Jackpot!

    The appropriate response.
  18. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    meh either way steam golem as a pet is very depends on the chose you make of researching it.
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  19. Vapor Horologium Corpus

    Vapor Horologium Corpus Weight of the Sky

    I do quite like the idea of a giant steam powered golem and maybe perhaps a way of using it's scraps to make another type of steampunk thing. Like a jetpack or maybe some sort of summon like a steam powered spider or well kind of skyrim style sphere robots.
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  20. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    Hey, somebody should make the Steam Knight helmet for the Create-a-Hat contest!

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