Strange capsule

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justaliene, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. NikkSword

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    I think the Capsule is just there to taunt you and lure roving Joja Mart employees to your location via GPS Tracking
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    • Snurtsnurgle

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      I tried that already. Nothing, tried some of the other boxes I could find too. Even tried putting it in the summoning circle at the wizards tower. Also tried the Yoba alter since it seemed it could perhaps interact with something. Hmmmmm this thing is really weird.
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      • Megzzzx

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        That is pretty cool considering the one easter egg with the alien when you click on the E in Stardew in the opening.
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        • Pranusha

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          To get this Strange capsule, you require an open tile on your field. It usually appears only after a player has gone to bed. The sound of a spaceship indicates that the capsule has spawned. In case the player gets the capsule, they may notice a strange creature inside it.

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