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Important Stretch Goal Thoughts -- Pets?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by mollygos, Apr 19, 2013.


Pets as a stretch goal?

  1. Yay!

    1,534 vote(s)
  2. Nay!

    827 vote(s)
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  1. Cynical_Wolf

    Cynical_Wolf Big Damn Hero

    I understand that you want to get the game out as quick as possible, but the starter pets as the ultimate $1 million stretch goal was slightly underwhelming for me, but nevertheless the team has done an amazing job so far, so I trust the team and yours decision. Also, I suggest looking at how Torchlight 2, (great game, btw) implemented their pet system. Hopefully you guys will make a really in-depth pet system and make these pets worthwhile to have, instead of pets being annoying little companions that get in the way of your gun fire and block door-frames and shizz like that (Stuff like that happend in Skyrim and Fallout SOO much). Also, keep up the good work!
  2. ChadWicky

    ChadWicky Void-Bound Voyager

    Starter pets are the $1,000,000 stretch goal!
  3. Weiland

    Weiland Big Damn Hero

    Y'all need to calm the hell down before this turns into MWO Forums or something. Keep it civil, quit insulting or undercutting each other, and basically just grow the fuck up. Mollygos was courteous enough to ask the community what they thought of a potential stretch idea. Post your response to that, be polite, be courteous in turn, and check all the rest of this bullshit at the door.

    That is all.
  4. tone00hi

    tone00hi Aquatic Astronaut

    i though you said it wouldnt be 1million.....
  5. Quixotic

    Quixotic Big Damn Hero

    87 pages in a few short hours and MAN has conversation turned ravenous.
    Guys, chill out. Yea, I was hoping for something different, too, but that doesn't change the fact that it's just a stretch goal. It's nothing to curse and cancel preorders over.
    I'd like to remind you that this stretch goal isn't extending the deadline, which is pretty important.
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  6. Cynical_Wolf

    Cynical_Wolf Big Damn Hero

    The Dovahkinn has spoken.
  7. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Existential Complex

    A very interesting choice. I am looking forward to discovering what exactly is meant by "useful companion" in the reveal. Also very interested in seeing what kind of options may exist for a Glitch pet. While this would not have been my first choice for a stretch goal, it seems like it could be interesting depending on how they are implemented.
  8. Rhin

    Rhin Void-Bound Voyager

    Some people on the forums don't deserve stretch goals,they didn't have that make them, because starbound could do 1m $ with out them easyly. So they did stretch goals because they wanted to do something more, like an extra or a way to say thanks. An btw if anyone here is so delusional to think that we will not make it to 1m $ mark in 2-3 weeks, then they need a reality check.
  9. love doctor

    love doctor Cosmic Narwhal

    starter pets seems fun even if they are only cosmetic. could they have chosen a different feature ?possibly but they did say they were up for ideas.
    ive noticed no one has an idea worth submitting like you cant just oppose starter pets and say you have no ideas if you got something anything throw it out there maybe the devs will like it until then starter pets seems reasonable even if its not as high caliber as fossils and nova kids its still a nice feature
  10. NickName

    NickName Cosmic Narwhal

    It's just a strech goal at the end no need to rage about it and flame the developers. I think they make a nice game and if you don't want the pets in the game then don't use them.
    It is more content to the game not less, of cours it is maybe not that what you wanted but then say it nice and not offensive.
  11. Hugt

    Hugt Phantasmal Quasar

    This DOES sound cool but aren't there already going to be pets? Why make a stretch goal that just adds MORE pets to the game when we can just go out and capture our own?
    I'm not against this or am I complaining... just kinda confusing.

    I agree that we should have a splicing system where we can create our own monsters/pets from a number (4 max) of different creatures that we find out in the wild.
    Another idea that I saw in a thread was that you could equip the pet that you created with a specific armor, tool, and/or weapon to help you out!
    Think about it... penguins that can help you mine and chop trees! :DD

    My idea (Sorry if this was already said, I didn't sift through 87 pages D:) is that the third stretch goal should be a type of weapon combining system.
    You take two weapons, a plasma pistol and a rocket launcher, and can fuse them together to create an entirely new weapon with a new look!
    Maybe an explosive plasma pistol? An RPG that shoots plasma rockets?
    Flamethrower and a shotgun? A shotgun that shoots bursts of fire!

    Some of the weapons' abilities would also carry over as well. I wonder what would happen if two legendary weapons were to be combined... o_O
  12. Earl Asplund

    Earl Asplund The Number of the Minibeast

    Maybe a $1 Million stretch goal to put the Beta out sooner than their current projected timeline...? In my opinion that would've been nicer over flashy starter pets that'll quickly become overshadowed by the real pets that are tamed.
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  13. mwpow3ll

    mwpow3ll Guest

    wow... this is turning into a Terraria thread. There's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, but being ugly and rude isn't cool.

    Majority of the people that pre-ordered before the vanity pets were announced would have probably pre-ordered without any stretch goals (I know I would have); so, lets try to be calm about things. I think everyone's main concern is whether the vanity pets will delay the beta, and the devs have said it won't.
  14. Swirly

    Swirly Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I kind of feel like, as far as adding in new features that expand upon the core game mechanics (I.E. Space Travel, Combat, Building, and Crafting), if the Devs come up with a cool idea that they know they will have time to add in before release... they will just go ahead and put it in. Instead of being a super-awesome carrot on a stick, it will be a super-awesome feature that we won't know about until we see it in game. These pre-order things are not here to withhold awesome game play features that they could implement from us until they get more money, they are there as a sort of thank you to us for having been so supportive.

    Any really big game-changing rewards would push back development, and thus delay the release of the game. That is not a good thing. Also, they have no idea when any given reward will be hit. By promising something as a reward, they are saying that no matter what it will be in the game by release, for everyone (even though who didn't pre-order) to play with. Development continues on the game, so release is always getting closer. If they promise a big reward, and it only gets hit right before release, then they suddenly are in a position where they either have to push back development, break their promise, or rush to try and keep their promise and not delay release (and likely making a much less polished awesome thing in the process). I actually really respect the amount of care the dev team has shown to its supporters. They have consistently made attempts to be as inclusive, and friendly as possible with this whole thing. They are totally not obligated to do that.

    Basically, I don't think the rewards should be big. They should be small, but fun or interesting (qualities that are subjective, and not everyone will agree on) additions that don't really take too much time to add to the game, if they are going to be in at all. If this was to be the last stretch goal I would be fine with that too.
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  15. NickName

    NickName Cosmic Narwhal

    I don't think so. Money doesn't make a game al allone.
  16. Chamber

    Chamber Astral Cartographer

    Actually, yes it does.
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  17. Rarity

    Rarity Pangalactic Porcupine

    Can we just have a new poll? A Yay or Nay is nonsensical. All you've done is successfully turn the forums into a shouting match as pet lovers everywhere cuddle their cat and say "HOW DARE YOU". Let's be real; have your team go into a session, bounce some ideas, and come back with a new poll with 3-5 different things to choose from. Something you thought up for the third stretch goal. Have them choose among the three. Sure, it'll create a "But what happens if the other 2 don't make it" scenarios, but I can bet it'll be far less disappointing than space dogs.
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  18. raTTy

    raTTy Void-Bound Voyager

    quot erat demonstrandum.
    Basically you are buying the game. You are not buying the stretch goal.

    Shure - some people may be buying a higher tier because of a stretch goal, or some undecided will buy the game - and if people already bought the game, they should have known,
    whats inside - content wise. So anything additional is more like a candy.
  19. SemiJames

    SemiJames Void-Bound Voyager

    I like how everyone is getting mad because it was said "it doesn't have to be $1mill" and it turned out to be $1mill.
    Just because it "doesn't have to" be it did not mean that it wouldn't be $1mill.
  20. Earl Asplund

    Earl Asplund The Number of the Minibeast

    Yeah, but rather than part of the $250 going towards another feature, it would be dedicated primarily toward putting the game out faster by hiring people to be able to work on parts of the game that aren't currently being developed. The roadmap clearly shows that they still need heavy development on the Server things, Quests and Missions, and a bit on Creature Gen, and the team's working on the other aspects and eating cake.

    So to bring that back around to your comment, yes, money doesn't make a game, or else EA and Activision would be on another planet with their titles. Putting that extra $250k to hire some assistants to help get a Beta published Does help make the game, bring in more capability, and introduce a potential for new ideas from whoever they hire?
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