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Bug/Issue Stuck in Bed

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jackdaw, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Jackdaw

    Jackdaw Space Hobo


    I encountered a very nasty bug, i placed a flower pot (this flower arrangement in the barrel from one of the events) beside my bed (right side, 2nd stage house) and then upgraded it. After the upgrade was done a couple of mornings after the bed was moved in the "new" house inside this flower pot, so it lay there where i supposed to lay and it stucked me. I could sleep one night and i hoped it would vanish the next day, it did but i was still stuck in bed. Now i even can't sleep anymore, i waited one full day for auto-sleep, but still stuck.

    Of couse it's a save game crashing bug, is there anything i can do to fix it? I've already searched for save game editors to rewind just a couple of days to remove that damn flower pot, but it seems no editor can do this so far.

    Thanks for any kind of help!
    • Gorgon

      Gorgon Space Spelunker

      CanĀ“t you not just pick it up?
      Use your pickaxe.
      I know, what you mean, i just tested it. You put something beside your bed, the next morning your room is upgraded and you are stuck in bed, because something blocks the way. Just swing the pickaxe or whatever (you can use the other ones, too) in this direction, and this object is put into your inventory. And then you are free to move again.
      • Jackdaw

        Jackdaw Space Hobo

        That was the first thing i tried, maybe i couldn't hit it because i was inside of it? I tried it with gamepad and mouse, i still could move around all other stuff in my room (paintings and other furniture), but it was impossible to grab or just hit the flower barrel :/

        EDIT: Oh my gosh it worked... I just went ingame and tried it again and though the flower pot wasnt visible (i went to Fall 2nd in the meantime, so i guess it just changed it appearance) I just slammed my axe around me (like i did before), but this time i just hit the exact right pixel or something, i don't know... lost 2 days, but its better than losing the whole save game i guess.
        Thanks :)
        • BuenoNino

          BuenoNino Orbital Explorer

          Keep in mind that you always can edit furniture positions and so on with the code of your save data. If you have notepad++ or sublime text (programming) you can open your save in it and search for the furniture name, there will be a X , Y position with a number, you just need to adjust this numbers and try on. (remember always do a backup of your files).

          Glad it worked, but when it happen again, or something related to positioning, remember that you can edit all number variations on your save code.
          • Jackdaw

            Jackdaw Space Hobo

            @BuenoNino That might come in handy, thanks for that advise :)

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