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Bug/Issue Stuck on turn of day after Egg Hunt - Android

Discussion in 'Support' started by Arihel, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Arihel

    Arihel Space Hobo

    When I go to sleep the screen goes black but the earnings of the day don't appear. The sound of the fireplace keeps playing.
    Tried force closing the app, cleaning cache, not going to the egg hunt, nothing worked.

    Playing on a Motorola G6 Play.
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    • Liliarus

      Liliarus Space Hobo

      Getting the exact same problem here, everything good until end of Egg hunt day, tried everything too but when I go to bed it's just a black screen.

      Playing on Huawei P20 Pro
      • IndigoViolet

        IndigoViolet Aquatic Astronaut

        Getting the same problem even though I’m playing on an iPhone 6s Plus. I’ve tried everything listed above and all I get is just a black screen...

        My iOS is up to date and so is the app version.

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