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Resolved Stuck with a theme

Discussion in 'Website Feedback/Issues' started by Zoomah, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. Zoomah

    Zoomah Big Damn Hero

    I was playing around with forum themes earlier and stumbled over "Lenna's Inception". Now i'm stuck on it, even if i don't like it, since on this theme there is no theme switcher. Could some mod please set back my selected theme to default?

    Fixing the theme to include theme select would be an idea for later, tho.

    Thanks for now
  2. krawky398

    krawky398 Ketchup Robot

    Mouse over your username on the top and click on preferences. A Style option should be the first option in the menu that shows up.

    Weird how it doesn't show up, though, I thought only Kawaiifish did that (because it was a joke that you couldn't switch the theme from there). They should probably fix that.
  3. Zoomah

    Zoomah Big Damn Hero

    It's fixed now, thank you... still gave me a shock
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  4. SleepySquidd

    SleepySquidd Tragically Magic Hands

    Glad you got it fixed :)

    Marking as Resolved & Locking :)
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
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