Bug/Issue Stuck with no way to revert (possible spoilers)

Discussion in 'Support' started by dougie_dj, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. dougie_dj

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    Hi there,

    First time posting here, and hoping someone can help!

    Absolutely loving this game, but think I've managed to get myself stuck without being able to revert.

    I defeated Emperor Vol Terrillis and got sent to the ??? Dimension. I've had the initial chat with the Sandman (lion?) and proceeded to the gate which is pretty much straight after.

    Rather than going through the gate as suggested, I decided to explore (this'll teach me)! I've managed to fall down a long drop, and have no way of getting out...unfortunately I went immediately to the left, which has a Save point, before going to the right to realise that both were dead ends.

    The game has saved and I now have no way of getting out...any thoughts?

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    • andrewclunn

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      Do you have the eye orb passive that allows you to see breakable walls?
      • LunarRayGames

        LunarRayGames Developer

        That wall to the right looks awfully out of place...;)

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