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    The Sub-maw is a large worm that dwells underground. It measures from 0.5-2 meters in diameter, and it's length is unknown. This is due to it's never having been observed. It only ever exposes it's head, and when killed, the body disitegrates before it can be measured.

    The Sub-maw has only one known attack: It will detect the presence of prey and suddenly stick it's head out from the walls of caves, (never floors or ceilings) and bites it's prey until dead.

    The Sub-maw is presented in-game as a circular disruption/crumbling of the background layer moments before it's large, circular mouth filled with rows of nasty, sharp, pointy teeth quickly emerges and repeatedly bites the player. If the player moves away before or while being bitten, it retreats, leaving a black hole in the background layer that fills with crumbling material. When killed, the mouth/head falls off, leaving a bloody cross-section of the worm that retreats into the hole as it's body dies, while the "head" falls to the floor and disintegrates.

    Obviously, larger variants of the Sub-maw will do more damage, and could have various elemental or poisonous attributes.
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    Wow, I love the background idea! I support this, the monster seems quite epic and the fact that it emerges from the background and alters it is quite amazing. I love the bloody cross-section thing! But I'm not a saddist! :D

    It could also break blocks on the collision layer if its mouth is bigger than the actual background space where it appears, that would make it impressive in small caves or buildings!
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