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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blue, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Leocrubellatti

    Leocrubellatti Void-Bound Voyager

    I think this game has great potential, and I'm trying to provide feedback. The only thing you've done so far was bash me because of my opinion. It's my opinion and I have the freedom to express it. There is no need to bash it so hard. Our opinions are different and I respect yours. Respect mine please. Mocking what I think that would fit and what I think that wouldn't fit the game just shows how useful or helpful you are being to me. (not) Until you respect my opinion, I'll not reply to you any longer. I was just excited because of the love craft thing because of a picture that "Off Topic: Tiy had of terraria on his twitter, showing Cthulhu". Forgive me if that caused negative impacts. I didn't meant to do that by any means. I'll drop it.
  2. Dragohole

    Dragohole Orbital Explorer

    Someone else have doubts on the "pollution" suggestion? It was a pain in the **** in Terraria. I think that most of the people are not "in" that kind of stuff. It requires a lot of macromanaging, and personally I was not able to handle it, my world gone to trash xD That's an option for hardcore gamers, but if it will be implemented, make sure that it will be the enable\side thing. Ticked the box - get it. You didnt? All for your pleasure.


  3. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

    You gave a suggestion to copy a book. It was my duty as a user to show you why something like that is wrong. I did not "bash" you. I didn't use curses or anything. Not even much feeling, perhaps excluding a bit of sarcasm(but you'll have to forgive me for that, because i don't really think it's offensive and it's just my style of writing to use sarcasm. Also, it helps me illustrate my point). Also, note that I respect the author you mentioned, though I can't pretend to understand him. If giving counter-arguments to someone is considered "bashing" them, then you are right. I do respect your opinion, but you should not get hurt just because someone disagrees with you as well. In this case it's a matter of you seeing too narrow(which is understandable, because we can't take all the factors into our mind). Adding a cameo of sorts or some reference to certain things is nothing bad, and yet adding a lot of references to something is not good. I just gave "pokemon" as an example of one of the other things more than one person suggested. You like Lovercraft, thus you will be unable to see why adding monsters from his books is wrong. That's why I gave you the example of people wanting to add pokemon things. Just to illustrate my point. I'll re-read my post, but I can't remember anything offensive, so please, quote what you found offensive, and I'll try to avoid saying things like that in the future. It is not my goal or intent to offend.
  4. Leocrubellatti

    Leocrubellatti Void-Bound Voyager

    You know what? It was amazing to debate with you. Well done sir. Now let's be friends. :D
  5. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

    I see you are new here, so I'll just clarify something - most people are much more friendly than I am, and the community here is great in general, so don't let my negative answer to your suggestion discourage you. You can post whatever ideas you like and who knows? Perhaps after reading them the devs might find them fitting. You might suggest a "Horror biome" or a "Cold space planet" or a "Space Outcast Creature planet" in which some of the lovecrafian monster might fit. It is all up to you to think how this could work. But if you make suggestions in the future, you should create a new thread for them(a new thread for each suggestion in the appropriate sub-forum). Here( ) you can see there are sub-forums for mechanics suggestions, NPC/creature suggestions and etc.
    This thread is actually simply the (incomplete) list of what was suggested, not the thread for making suggestions themselves. In truth, it should probably be locked since people get confused and keep posting suggestions in here.
  6. wataru

    wataru Phantasmal Quasar

    How about adding "prebuilt structures" (aka personal "blue prints") to the list in the first post?

    Main idea is to somehow store plans of player built structures ans allowing more fast and easy way to reproduce them later (given you have enough resources)

    There are several topics about that idea with some variations:
    And there were more topics on such ideas, I could not find them now.
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