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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CarolineNz, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. CarolineNz

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    First of all, congratulations in making such a wonderful game.
    A lot of people may give you tough love on this one, but I sincerely love the game.

    I would like to suggest some Quests in the game.
    When we reach a certain point in the game, things may get a little boring.

    Why not create a little Stall, like the cat who sells hats... but instead of purchasing stuff, we need to TRADE them!

    Hats for example. Girls LOVE new hats. We could exchange stuff we farm on a daily basis for exclusive hats.
    • Daffodil Hat - 100 Daffodils, 100 Sap, 10 Wheat
    • Mexican Celebratory Hat - 10000 Wheat, 30 Holly, 500 Amaranth, 1 Sunflower
    • Carmen Miranda Hat - 1 of each fruit available
    • Robot Hat - 100 Battery Packs

    It would also give us the chance to use the stones we collect from the mines. After we donate them, they become pretty useless +_-

    On the Quest Stall, you could make some equipment that you can only obtain by trading stuff.
    E.g. Faster Boots - XXX amount of things obtained from monsters, etc.

    We need boots that walks faster.

    The most powerful weapon in the game is still pretty weak.
    I don't mind having to farm for a month to collect some items, as long as it gets better.
    And plus it gives us some sense of achievements.

    After all money and construction buildings, there's nothing much to do.
    I like the new layout of the farms, but I would not start again +_+ Not after all my hard work! Hehe

    Other suggestions:
    - Create upgrade of Tools with different stones through Clint.
    - Make a new neighbour appear in the Town from time to time.
    - Give us the bottom of the Desert Cave (we know there isn't one!).
    - Give the Wizard some stuff to sell, such as Love Potion, or a box that allow you to summon a random monster if opened in the secret woods.
    - Renew the Guild list once you complete it, giving us more valuable items.

    Thoughts welcome :)

    Thanks again
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    • CarolineNz

      CarolineNz Void-Bound Voyager

      Oh and please make Clint move on. You destroyed his heart after making Emily available to get married to us...
      That's just super sad.
      • nash579

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        Last week when I woke up I had this weird vision for Stardew Valley:

        When the player arrives in Pelican Town the very first time, the Town
        is shaken in poverty (due to the lack of a farmer).
        All people work for Joja and hate their life and it is our duty to change that.

        Donate money to Pierre/Marnie/Robin/Willy to help them start their independent Stores.
        Donate various things to start the festivals. Eggs for the egghunt etc.

        That is obviously not going to happen, it would destroy the great Feeling when
        starting stardew valley.

        But I think to "activate" additional festivals by donating
        lots and lots of a certain goods would increase the feeling of impact the player
        has on the town.
        • CarolineNz

          CarolineNz Void-Bound Voyager

          New Festivals are a great idea. Anything to encourage farming items will definitely a plus.
          • FlixerDK

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            Great suggestions! This game is really good, but it's one of those games with an endless potential, so it could be even better!

            Here's some suggestions to things you've already touched on: :)
            -New neighbours: The Governor sais at the Luau festival, that he would like to live in Stardew Valley. What if him, his wife, and his son and daughter (new possible spauses), had a vacation home in the valley, they visited every summer. So each year you had a month with new npcs, you could befriend and flirt with.
            -Desert Cave and monster rewards: Gil could have a brother, who lives in a western house, in The Calico Desert. Where you could get rewards for the monsters you kill in the Desert Cave.
            -Clint after you marry Emily: A cutscene after Clint comes home from the Saloon, where he is drunk and maybe a little angry and jealous, that end his flirting relationship with Emily, but sets him up with Sandy. Maybe you'll be his wing man/woman, and it leads to a date in another cutscene.
            -A new festival: After you have the art show cutscene with Leah, that day should be a art display/market day, where you can see and buy -art from Leah, photos from Haley, Clothes from Emily, and so on.

            Hope you like them! @CarolineNz and @ConcernedAbe :)
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