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    Greetings fellow farmers,

    I recently started playing Stardew Valley, and I'm really enjoying the game so far. However, I do think that the weapon special moves, especially the dagger weapon type move, are pretty underwhelming.

    After some pondering, I came up with some possible ideas that you may like, keep in mind the following:
    ~Cooldowns need to be balanced depending on the ability, and all abilities have a cooldown.
    ~There's 2 active and 1 passive ability idea per weapon I deemed deserved them.
    ~Just ideas, facilitate discussion, hopefully we get one of these, or of your own implemented in game!

    Sword Class -
    ~ All swords with the exception of: Forest Sword, Holy Blade, Insect Head, Neptune's Glaive, Obsidian Edge, Lava Katana, and Galaxy Sword could have one these possible abilities.
    1) "Parry": Keep the same block ability.
    2) "Focus": Hold the special move button for up to three seconds, unleash a charge attack that deals additional damage.
    3) "Thrust": Lunge forward with your next attack, has a longer recharge time than "Parry".

    ~Forest Sword:
    1) "Imbue": The strength of the forest flows through you, increasing your player speed (+1) and your weapon's weight (+1) for 15 seconds.
    2) "Root": Imbued with the magic of the forest, your weapon strikes decreasing the speed of enemies hit by (slimed debuff -4?) for 2 seconds.
    3) "Regrowth: Passive ability, regenerate HP at a very slow rate, similar to the Spa, but way slower.

    ~Holy Blade:
    1) "Smite": Your weapon glows brightly, for 10 seconds your weapon critical chance against Skeletons, Ghosts, Shadow Brutes, Shadow Shamans and Mummies becomes 100%.
    2) "Righteousness": Uphold your moral ground, receive 50% less damage for 5 seconds.
    3) "Hope": Passive ability, increases your luck by X amount.

    ~Insect Head:
    1)"Terror":enemies flee away from you for a certain amount of time.
    2) "Sting" : Shoot a short range projectile in the direction you're facing (similar to the slingshot).
    3) "Sap": Passive ability, restores energy for cutting grass bushes in the caves.

    ~Neptune's Glaive:
    1) "Spout": Strike with the force of a great typhoon, this attack has extended range (similar to a golden hoe or golden watering can).
    2) "Tsunami": Dash forward while pushing all enemies hit back, 5 tile range.
    3) "Unfathomable" Passive ability, the pressure of the depths increases this weapon's damage, (+0.1) damage per floor.

    ~Obsidian Edge:
    1) "Precision": Your next attack has 100% critical chance, however it has the range and hit box of an iron tool (3x1).
    2) "Sharp blade, sharp mind": Same as parry, deals full weapon damage instead.
    3) "Hellforged": Passive ability, attacks count as iron pickaxe hits against rocks and gems.

    ~Lava Katana:
    1) "Cinders": You stoke your embers, for the next 10 seconds your attack incinerate targets, allowing you to kill mummies without using bombs.
    2) "Blaze Samurai": Spin attack around you, (Link's spin attack) deals reduced damage.
    3) "Erupt": Faster than Van Helen, you do an Iajutsu move, drawing your blade faster than the human eye can see, this attack has increased critical chance, and pretty much teleports you to the closest non-flying enemy.

    ~Galaxy Sword:
    1) "Starburst": your sword contains a world inside, lash out with the energy of an entire galaxy's worth of matter and anti-matter, this attack can go through rocks. [3x3 box in front of you]
    2) "Supernovae": Your sword contains too much mass, undergoes a supernovae... Bomb on a stick.
    3) "Blazar": Passive ability, your sword pulses with raw galactic energy, all attacks shoot a relativistic jet projectile, that deals 75% weapon damage and does not pierce enemies.

    Dagger Class -
    Allow players to attack in any direction while moving with daggers. Increase base critical chance when wielding daggers.

    ~ All daggers with the exception of Broken Trident, Wicked Kris, and Galaxy Dagger could have one these abilities.
    1)"Triple Stab":Generic ability already in-game, however it should deal all 3 instances of damage in 1 frame, so enemies can't dodge it.
    2)"Boomerang Step": (Throwback to maple story) , Dashes forward a 3x1 distance, deals damage to all enemies in a line, returns to original location.
    3)"Alacrity": Passive ability, increases player speed while hitting enemies.

    ~ Broken Trident:
    1)"Shove":Your trident deals damage in a 1x3 row in front of you.
    2) "Tempest": Fractured, but whole, for 10 seconds only, your trident swings like a sword, same hitbox.
    3) "Ebb and Flow": Striking different enemies within a 3 second window grants you a surge of movement speed.

    ~ Wicked Kris:
    1) "Sari" : Taming your inner evils, your Kris acts as a shield and grants you physical invulnerability for 3 seconds.
    2) "Banish": If this strike fells an enemy, all other enemies of the same type on the floor die as well.
    3) "Possessed blade": Passive ability, all attacks cost 2 health, deal 20% more damage and all your critical attacks heal for 50% of damage dealt.

    ~ Galaxy Dagger:
    1) "Void": All nearby enemies are sucked into the void, your dagger unleashes energy violently, [Cherry Bomb size]
    2) "Spatial Rend" : Your dagger slashes a (6x1) straight line, deals damage to all enemies, and you can walk over this rend (effectively going through walls?).
    3) "Light-speed": Passive ability, holding the attack button attacks continuously.

    Hammer Class -
    I think hammers are pretty good, the AoE special is great, since there's only 5 hammers so far, I don't feel the need to have any drastic changes, with the exception of:

    ~Galaxy Hammer:
    1) "Orbital Shockwave" : Strike an area of (6x3, iridium hoe range) in front of you, goes through rocks.
    2) "Quasar": Mega-Bomb on a stick.
    3) "Gravity": Passive ability, the weapon's gravitational field is too intense for these lower beings, flying enemies upon reaching the actual floor, won't be able to go through rocks, and all enemies get reduced speed.

    Lastly, thanks for reading, I apologize for all the bad puns, and the long read.
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      I thought this was a really entertaining read, and I have to admit I would like it if different weapons had more reason to use them

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