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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lann, May 23, 2017.

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    Um...... Hello! So I play PS4 version of Stardew Valley, and have become effectively addicted! I love the game and everything about it, but there are some things I wish worked better. I would post this on the bug fix list or whatever, but I don't really know where it is! >_<

    -I would like to be able to adjust the screen size. This is only really a problem when I go mining. The level I'm on just barely fits on screen, so it is hard to complete quests and know where I am. I have a pretty big flat screen, so this is a very strange problem to have.

    - Possibly the most game-breaking glitch/ issue I've come across, is the fact that the arrow-mouse thing disappears and reappears at random. It seems like the game is trying to decide whether to display it or not, based on which control style I use. (Either using the arrow and the square button, or using the X button) I would really love the option to choose in settings which control style I want to use. It gets messy when I'm accepting quests, because I actually have to exit a letter or quest message in order to get the arrow to come back. Sometimes I lose the quest all together!

    That is all for now, just two things I would like to see done in one of my favorite games of all time! Thank you so much for your time.... whoever reads this....

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