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    A posted this thread about a year ago but I'm resurrecting the idea again.

    Okay, so before the addition of these new specific creatures, we had "randomized" creatures (well we do still, but let's just face it: they're rarer than the new creatures. And not very interesting after the first encounter: once you've seen one Poptop you've seen them all.) Supposedly. However, the problem is that despite part and ability randomization, creatures are not very diverse at all. Even though there are a number of different possible creature combinations, there really are only one creature you will ever see in the game: Ones that attack NPCs on sight. You never see creatures interacting with anything else or anyone else.

    Sure, you can give creatures new flashy attacks, but it really doesn't change the fundamental problem that all creatures are basically the same creature with a different skin, and don't feel alive. And with this latest update with the unique monsters, it doesn't even do that. It feels like you are encountering the same exact creatures over and over again, because you are.

    And then there's critters. They literally add nothing to the game whatsoever. There is opportunity there, but instead they're wasted as mere background objects that you can kill.

    I will not lie, I'm not happy at all with this new creature system. It's gone completely in the wrong direction in all the wrong ways, I can't help but feel.

    I think what we instead need are more creature behaviors. Creatures that eat other creatures but ignore you, creatures that will run away from you (instead of just ignoring you) creatures that have territories, creatures that eat your garden (but don't come after you personally) etc.

    On a simple level, this can be split down to two axis: Diet and Disposition.


    - Herbivore: Creature will seek out plants and eat them (grass, garden plants, wild growing fruits, etc) when hungry. Will not eat other creatures.
    - Carnivore: Creature will seek out other animals and attack them when hungry.
    * Critter Carnivore: Common. They will eat critters, but not attack players or other monsters
    * Monster Carnivore: Uncommon. They will go after other monsters and critters, but not players.
    * Player Eatter: Rare. Exactly what it says on the tin. Will attack players.
    - Omnivore: Eats either when convenient.

    In this way, the critters actually have a role to play in the ecosystem, rather than just being cute background objects.


    Complete coward: Creature will flee from NPCs on sight. Only herbavores get this.
    Opportunist: Creature will not pick fights it knows it can't win unless cornered. Will only respond if attacked or if it's about to be attacked, and will flee unless cornered. Predators of this disposition type will not attack a creature or npc unless they're almost already dead. Or they'll attack a creature, then run to an npc or creature that's stronger.
    Or they'll only attack if the NPC/Creature's back is turned or the've fallen into a dark pit.
    Reactionary: What "non-hostile" creatures were back before spirited. They wander around and don't attack unless attacked. Or hungry (predators only).
    Territorial: Will not attack immediately, but will give warnings to an enemy NPC or creature. If the creature leaves it goes back about its business. If not, it will attack.
    Aggressive: Creature will attack on sight. Only belongs to Predators.

    A third axis could also be "Social"

    - Loner: Creature will seek to be alone, and will either attack or flee from other members of its species.
    - Pack/Herd/Flock: Creature will seek out more of its kind to be around until it forms a Pack/Herd/Flock of 5 or more creatures of its type.

    Unique Creatures: Unique creatures should be exactly that: Unique. Not simply generic spawns. Currently they heavily overshadow the randomly generated monsters and actually take away from the randomized nature of biomes. Once you've seen one Fennix you've seen them all.

    Instead, these creatures should be very rare. As in, very rarely appearing at all.
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    You resurrected this and I'll repost my reply. This is definitely something the game could really use to add to the exploration element, but the issue is in how long it would take to implement the AIs. The answer, not too long, but enough to have to be a big chunk out of the dev's time.

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