Mob Suggestions for Starter Pets (by Race)

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  1. fallingorbit

    fallingorbit Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    It would be neat to have race specific pets available, as well as universal pets.

    Would every race basically have their equivalent of a domesticated animals? Like Firedogs for Novakids?
  2. Mortykins

    Mortykins Tentacle Wrangler

    [Apex]: Jacques/Jojo, a small heavily experimented upon monkey. the top of its head has been replaced with a glass case, leaving its brain visible. It also exhibits magnetic powers and will go to greath lengths for a banana.
    [Apex]: PJ, the sentient banana. Genetically engineered to have eyes, legs and feet, arms and hands and a mouth. Has an uncontrollable urge to shake it with its accompanying maraccas. Started out as walking rations, but their groovy beats convinced the Apex to keep them as pets instead.
    [Floran]: Bugs in general, Seriously, they're walking plants, they're bound to have all kinds of beetles, butterflies, caterpillars and other bugs following them around.
    [Floran]: Zippy, The hummingbird. Now available in colors other than green. Will occasionally sip on your flowery foliage, if you have any.
    [Glitch]: R-Thor 900, Your trusty tiny mechanical squire. Lugs around a gun that's way too big for it that it referrs to as "The X-Caliber".
    [Glitch]: Chickaboom, the rocket-propelled mechanical chicken. It's a rocket robot chicken, what else do you possibly need to know?
    [Hylotl]: Cute-thulhu: A small mass of writhing tentacles with a large eye in the middle. The cutest little otherwordly abomination you'll ever see! Occasionally makes adorable gurgling noises concerning the end of the world as we know it.

    These are just a few off the top of my head. Remember, they're suggestions and not set in stone.
    God I love sneaking references into stuff.
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  3. Everburn

    Everburn Void-Bound Voyager

    Some Ideas that I think would be very fitting for the races.​
    Please make some awesome Novakid Pets, as a cool race deserves cool pets.​
    • Black and Neon Creatures (Frogs, Bats etc): the neon parts of their body's are visible at night.
    • Venus Fly Trap in a pot that hops after the player: Be careful for loose fingers.
    • Dragon Fly: Zips around the player's head.
    • Toaster with eyes that hops after the player. Might cause sparks if left unattended.
    • :chucklefish:(Chucklefish) : Propels itself by blasting air out of its mouth.

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