Mob Suggestions for Starter Pets (Pet fights)

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Would you like to see "Pet Fights" as a "Mini Game"?

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  2. Pfff... seriously?

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  1. Dedi

    Dedi Orbital Explorer

    Greetings Dudes and Dudettes!

    Since there´s a new stretch goal, some people started to complain about it, and the game as well.
    So I´ve thought, how could you make "Starting Pets" way more interesting, and came up with "Pet fights" (Players Pet vs Players Pet).
    I don´t know if someone mentioned that before, but I couldn´t find anything about it, so I´ll write my ideas down, now.

    As mentioned anywhere else, you´ll start with a pet, which only functionality is to follow you everywhere you go.
    That´s not that what many of us expected from the 1.000.000$ stretch goal.
    So I´ve thought about "Pet fights", in terms of a mini-game.

    You have to feed, train and play with your little pet. If you don´t feed it, it will die (no worries, it´s not dead forever. There could be something like a respawn time of 10 minutes). If you don´t train it, it won´t get stronger and won´t grow. And if you don´t play with it, it will be unhappy, which could decrease the stats of the pet. (Thought about extra stats just like "Strength", "Endurance" and a percentage chance to dodge an attack)

    First you have to figure out, which kind of food your pet likes the most. If you have a cat, you have to catch a mouse, fish or a bird for it. (There could be new crafting recipes, to do so). Everytime you feed and play with your pet will increase it´s happiness, which could also affect the other stats a bit. So if the bar is full, the pet will be pretty motivated to fight against other player pets. Compared to, if the bar isn´t full the pet will be unmotivated.

    There could be new crafting recipes just for pets, like a hamster wheel or a cat tree, to train them. It will increase "Strength" and "Endurance" if the pet is doing his/her work out. But be careful: The pet will be worn out after that, so be ready that it will be pretty hungry!
    And the dodging chance could also get increased by fighting against other players pet.

    So that´s it! What do you think about it? Feel free to add your ideas!

    PS: Sorry for my English. I know it isn´t the best, but it´s not my mother tongue, so I hope you guys can forgive me!:)
  2. Mushie

    Mushie Phantasmal Quasar

    I wanted to awnser; "pffh... seriously, why would you even ask that? Of course i want it!"
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  3. Spacedino

    Spacedino Ketchup Robot

    You know that you can already tame any creature in the game right?
    The small stretch-goal pets are not made for fighting but the bigger tameable monsters are.
    I disagree with pet fights, but I would like to see the big tameable monsters fight each other for the glory of their masters!
  4. Only for the Vanity Pets, the Tamed Monsters is another thing. The Vanity Pets can have scripted stuff to they be able to have that "pokemon" style.
    Still it will be something big enough to code after-launch. :sarcasm:
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  5. OmniGeoff

    OmniGeoff Weight of the Sky

    Whether you're truly sarcastic, I agree with Bacon.

    The tamed monsters are more for this job. I think I would rather have a tamed Tyrannosaurus Rex to eat my enimies rather than have my glorious, pampered pet to get a tatty fur coat...
  6. Dedi

    Dedi Orbital Explorer

    You guys are right. I didn´t knew that there´s something planned like that! Please forgive me! :oops:

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