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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Graham Gygax, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Graham Gygax

    Graham Gygax Void-Bound Voyager

    I personally hate droping items on death,
    it's very tedious trying to recuperate the lost items and reorganizing your inventory; dying countless times and it does nothing to the immersion because you still have some items at respawn. But of course without punishing the player somehow death would be more of just a minor inconvenience.

    Let's cut to the chase:
    Eliminate the drop items, Insted the more the player stays alive the higher it's stats would be.
    This could be implemented as hardcore (current hardcore change to permadeth).

    This would fit perfect for immersion because your body is remade after death every time and the ship would always repo the matter manipulator and it's contents

    1. Increase HealthMax & EnergyMax via Food:

    You'll need to eat higher tier food to increse your current MAX Health by health bonus energy by energy bonus; Eating diferent foods in the same tier would give you 1 to 3 extra points.
    2.Increase Damage & EnergyRegen by Fighting:
    Killing enemies would slightly increase Damage, using energy weapons would slightly increaseYour energy reload. Other option would be using damage boost in food similar to the previous point.
    3.Speed vs Defense:
    Moving trough the world by walking/exploring would slowly increase your speed maxing out at the velocity of the run boost. Higher defense armor would make you slower depending on the defense value.Using higher armor would requiere higher speed.
    4.Reset on Death:
    At death there will be pixel lost and your stats will reset to starting stats.

    What are your thoughts? I'll do it myself but i'm clueless about modding, any good tutorials or modders out there that would like to work on this?
  2. AlbertoRota

    AlbertoRota Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    In my humble opinion:
    The idea is not bad, but it wont work:
    You are FORCING people to cook high tier food, witch means that you are FORCING people to farm a ton of things, witch means that you are FORCING people to have a bast extension of land to farm.
    Problems are:
    • Some people don't enjoy cooking.
    • Some people don't enjoy farming.
    • Some people don't enjoy having a permanent bast extension of land to farm.
    This one make sense, but is not practical:
    1. Armor can make you 300% more damage, and are permanent
    2. Best weapons do 200% - 500% more damage than worst ones, and are permanent
    So... no point in a "Slightly increased Damage", and same with armor, no point in a "slightly increased energy reload"
    You have not seriously thought this one:
    • Better armor means MORE armor and MORE damage, and you NEED better armor to go to better planets.
    • You NEED that armor or you will be insta-killed.
    • If I can't equip it, I CAN'T access any of the mid-game / end-game content.
    So... you claim that "it's very tedious trying to recuperate the lost items", what do you thjink about:
    • Need to farm, craft and eat tons off foods.
      • You need to wait for crops to grow, can't go away or them don't grow.
      • You need to wait for foods to be crafted, need to be ON the crafting window.
      • You need to wait to eat everything (Well fed "bonus")
    • Need to re-kill tons of weak monsters
      • Without armor, you can't face the stronger ones.
      • Drops will be useless, since you are several tiers above.
      • No complexity + no reward... bad mix
    • Getting all end-game things out of your range
      • No end-game armor -> No damage
      • No end-game armor -> No hp
      • No end-game armor -> No energy
      • No end-game armor -> No protection
      • No damage + No hp + No energy + No protection = Can't access end game content.
    • Need to do 32 marathons
      • You can't wear armor, so you will be running on lust words for a very long time.
      • Just doing that, running and jumping over poptops
    Think about it, point by point:
    • "It's very tedious trying to recuperate the lost items"
      • You items are exactly where you died, a presumably dangerous and defying place, you are PENLIZED for dying.
    • "and reorganizing your inventory"
      • If you really are so organized, Why do you go out with your inventory full? Don't you have a ship? You need to be organized BEFORE dying, no after. (And "Improved Containers" will auto organize it.)
    • "dying countless times and it does nothing to the immersion"
      • So, don't die "countless" times, be ready, seize your ability, suit up, gear up, and go out there only when you are ready. ( AKA don't be a mindless kamikaze. )
    • "you still have some items at respawn"
      • You will have weapons, armors and no much more, essentially the only things you need to re-challenge whatever that killed you to claim you loot, no more, no less.
    Think twice about it, death now, is far better than you proposal, both in simplicity, and effort/reward.

    If you want, you can go "casual".
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  3. Chofranc

    Chofranc Pangalactic Porcupine

    All sounds cool for a hardcore game, those bonuses that the food/fighting/running will be an added bonus to the one that your armor gives you? If is that, it would be cool but i think that it should have a limit since imagine if you stay alive longer, and maybe that reset on death it should gives you a temporal debuff.

    The perma-death mode is good as it is, your suggestion maybe it would be good for a survival mod.
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